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Adventure Rally 2021
Date 16/May/21
8 Riders 2slow, Bunga, cogers, husq mike, Jack, JNR, KatoTodd, Tommy
Rider of the day husq mike
Stack of the day Not awarded
What a ripper weekend first was Saturday's ride lead by HM great conditions and a good mix of tracks. Then a few drinks around the fire for some of us and a lot for some others ??ut what happens at the camp fire is best left at the camp fire ??hanks for your hospitality Mike your a champion 
Sunday morning up early pack the bike's and gear away and off to the Adventure Rally this year's event was one of the best the tracks were top class and conditions perfect we got out among the first group's and Jnr set a good pace we all had a good day and done the long loop back early some food and fuel in the bike's and off for the second loop this was a shorter section with an advanced stage which wasn't to hard but good fun 
All back to the car's with no injuries and smiles on faces perfect weekend thanks everyone for the crack 

guys,thanks for joining in on the Adventure Rally warm up ride Sat..Thanks for the Ronas,i am sure they will get drunk.
My gps skills need to be honed somewhat, but at the end of the day did not really need it.
Have not lead a ride for a while so takes a bit of getting used to.
Anyhow we all had fun.The lead rider did fall at a log, probably looking for hidden bandicoots or something.
Those ktms scream when the throttle jams.

Next day I did volunteer for sweep, as not too much Pikes Creek whisky was consumed the night before.Was riding with a couple of top T&E guys, did stretch me as this old prick did not want to lose face and fall behind.
I have to say it was an excellent track,well signed.Those that did not ride, missed out.
However, sweep is the way to go as you get to ride and does not cost you.

The only down side (which is a casualty of getting and looking old), is at the end ,the young guys telling you "well done , for finishing the ride" . F$%# off you youngsters, its only 110ks geez.
Interestingly a lot pulled out after the first 70k loop.
Definitely a lot of weekend warriors amongst the 200 plus entries.
Husq Mike

Two days, two hundred Km’s and two Scotches for Todd. That’s how the weekend panned out at Mornigton. 

Thanks HM for leading us around your backyard on Saturday, it was a great casual ride exploring the area, with so many single tracks and not enough time to ride them all. Roaring fire in the evening, as expected from HM living up to his fire King status and plenty of bullshit banter thrown around.

Sunday Adventure Rally tracks were awsome, every body got their $85 worth as Adam Riemann said and we agreed. The signature whoop sections were also included as they always are to try slow the riders down and the “extreme section” was not extreme, never the less it was something different.

Thanks Mike and the boys,,great ride and laugh around the fire. I can't remember drinking any scotch ;-)

Thanks for awesome weekend lads just what i needed, special thanks to HM for the accommodation & fire, plenty of laughs & good times.

The tracks & conditions today were spot on for the ADV ride & was good to see us all finish with a smile & no injuries ????at one stage I was following a young group & I’ve never seen someone hit a tree so hard & bounce up not injured ????? Ah to be young again ??but that’s why we do what we do to keep us feeling young & living life ????/span

See you guys out there again soon & thanks again for the shits n giggles ?p?|/span

Forgot a few things,from the warm up ride.
Bunga ,I have put up a picture of your contribution to my pit wood supply.Every bit counts.
Todd, you bought down 3 bottles of your Aldi red wine for us to drink and did not touch one of them.
Is that a sign about their quality,or you just preferred Bungas good whisky?
I note there was no nomination for stack of the day.Thats good,nothing to see here.
Sorry about the plumbing failure guys.Be all fixed for another time.
Husq Mike

Good on you Mike that photos gold ?°??/span
I’m pretty sure Todd got his share of the scotch ?¼/span

Your up for SOTD x2 Mike,,I'll be sticking to Aldi red, from now on,,,that whisky does funny things to ya,,when I left Bunga was on his back with a machine attached to his face,,, looked like something out of Dr Who :-)

I don’t know about SOTD but Todd you gave it a red hot crack, lost count how many times you fell off that log you were sitting on ?°?°? Gold














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