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Adventure Rally 2021 De-sign
Date 30/May/21
3 Riders Acid Gloves Eddy, husq mike, Slates
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
ADV ride de-sign: Players HM , slates,Acid Gloves,Andy 1 ,Andy 2, Baden,Tom,Jan.

Twas a drizzly day, but all were keen to take down the signs regardless of the weather.
We met at HM farm and then regrouped at the Tower.
The t&e guys had never met acid gloves,so had to put up with his whinging.
Too wet, too cold da da. Anyhow, despite that ,we headed off de-signing.
For those who have never done it; with 8 riders ( sorry 7 plus acid gloves) it goes pretty well.You get to ride at a good pace playing leap frog.
In amongst all that, the T&E guys (who I suspect may have ridden a few trails in their times) did a few fast random spurts between legs.Fun fun fun.
They know a lot of our country and more,but not all.
After lunch, we headed North and did more of the same.
Andy 1 (or maybe 2) bit the dust trying to ride and de-sign at same time.
A bit winded ,he headed off, with us taking a short loop and taking more signs down.
Back to the tower we decided HM's fire pit and beers might be the go.
The T&E guys were happy withe help, but suggested we leave one of the Crustys off for next time.Sorry Acid Golves.
husq mike

Great ride with Husky and the T & E boys today. First time riding out from Huskys ranch along the adventure loops from a couple of weeks ago..didnít think collecting signs off trees could be so much fun. Top bunch of fellas apart from Eddie, heís a handful ?ľ/span

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