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Capel 2021
Date 26/Jun/21
15 Riders Bigal, cogers, DazzaM, Husky Dan, Inver, Jack, Jason, JNR, KatoTodd, Macca, Martyn, Ratboy, Slates, Tania, Tommy
Rider of the day cogers
Stack of the day KatoTodd
Bloody good ride today at the Capel200. I thought the 2nd loop was better than the first. 
Special mention to Cogers doing 2 loops on a 199? Kx500.
Well done to Ironstone.

Capel 200 tracks were spot on today, lots of work must have gone into prepping them.
Agree with Martyn, 2nd time round of the loop was good fun, rocks and sticks cleared by 250 riders made for a great flowing trail. Been 12yrs since my last Capel, definitely coming back next year after today’s awesomeness.

Capel 200 was awesome this year with the extra work they put in with all the logs etc, wicked single trails with some open fast flowing Sandy pines that made for great chasing & over cooking corners ??
Cheers for all the shits n giggles around the fire on Friday night ???
Ps Todd Zak says even ya Aldi stubbies don’t have 10c refund ?¼/span

First Capel 200 and won’t be my last. Thanks to Ironstone for a great event and Crustys for the invite! Spent Friday night around the camp fire having a few brewskies admiring Allans camp ‘Hollywood’, only thing he didn’t bring down was the outdoor tennis court. Might have to nominate myself for SOTD, left the fire in the dark to make my way back to my budget backpackers swag and tripped over Jnrs BBQ plate and hit the deck like a blind roller skater! Might have been because of Juniors port ??Great WE!!

Top weekend down the Capel200,,not cold at all with 3 jumpers,2 sleeping bags and alcohol,,great camping spot and a good crack around the fire,,managed to hurt both knees in the one stack [greasy clay and a tree],,cant bend the right one,,painfull bastard,,so off to the quack tomorrow,,probably should'nt have done the second loop,,but was having to much fun,,a great ride anyway,,,cheers













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