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Out of Lockdown
Date 03/Jul/21
3 Riders Acid Gloves Eddy, Dutchy450, XRCass
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Out of Lockdown - XRCass, Dutchy450
Dutchy rang me fri evening looking for a post covid lockdown ride sat morn. The bike was good to go from prev weekend so no brainer there. Posted it up as an easy ride on CQ but no takers. Lazy 9am start drifted out to nearly 10am by the time we left to get fuel - then went back home again to find face masks so that we would be allowed in to the servo to pay for the fuel! Acid Gloves didn't have a mask (and he's an anti-vaxxer who didn't want to be near Dutchy and me as we have both had our shots) so he buggered off home. Most times riding at the pines are fast flowing sand and a bit of thru-the-forest ducking and dodging trees but I've been asked a few times about single trail so went looking for a few tighter sections. Inver knows these singles better then me but I still found a few and linked them into the main loop I usually do - worked out ok. Furthest point was only about 35kms from Quinns so the bikes with coke can sized fuel tanks can even do a loop without needing to beg for fuel. Looks like a solid week of rain coming up. Wet Sand is Good Sand!

The only photo I took is of Dutchy cleaning the bikes. So I included it.


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