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Adversity Makes Memories
Date 24/Jul/21
7 Riders husq mike, Jack, Jacko, JNR, Pas, Tommy, WR Ross
Rider of the day Jack
Stack of the day Not awarded
Adversity Makes Memories:

Players: JNR, Pass, Alan & Adam, Kiwi Chris, Jacko, Issac, Tommy, Husq Mike, Ross, Steve, Eddy, Jack

Adversity makes memories, that’s how yesterday panned out for some of us. Start of the ride headcount was Lucky 13, so we tried to asked another rider to join in, but he was just waiting for his mates.

Straight into the single track to warm up, which was a shock to some as arm pump set in immediately. Logs were super slipper as the wood turned into mossy slime from weeks of constant rain, puddles were deep and creeks flowed fast – still the rain held off and riding was mint !

Husq mike DNF first with an off and a broken clutch reservoir, Eddy continued to crash at every turn but still managed to laugh his gumbyness off, Issac took a hard slide on green mud but dug deep and carried on whilst the rest of us had our usual pucker up moments here, there and everywhere.

JNR set a cracking pace of following the red line on his GPS, which then crossed another red line loop taking us out to the east side of the Lakes, that wouldn’t have been an issue if we weren’t already 90km into the ride.

Alarm bells started to ring in our heads, quick regroup and a decision was made to head out to Yarra Rd and make further plans there. Once on Yarra rd my bike was lowest on fuel so we headed east towards “The Lakes“ seeking phone reception to call a friend.

Now Adversity started to make Memoires for us.

JNR ran out of fuel and signaled to us to continue riding up the road. Jacko, Chris and Isaac stayed with him to and the rest of us rode on. Finally reception was found, phone call made to a friend with no success and an Adventure bike rider waved down and asked to help us. Only assistance he could offer was a pillion ride on the back of his KTM 1190 to Sawyers Pub to pick up the ute, buy fuel and return to fill the bikes up.

+1 hour later and 80km return trip, 20 liters were dropped off to 7 thirsty bikes and then the group was back on the track to return to Sawyers Pub where JNR and Chris were already quenching their thirst.

How did they get there and what happened ? I’ll let JNR tell his story, it wasn’t straight forward.

Great day out on the bikes and good memories have been made. I think it ended up being a 140km ride, not 100% sure as I was the recovery fuel vehicle and DNF the ride.



























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