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Tommy's 300th
Date 21/Aug/21
16 Riders 2slow, cogers, CRFAndrew, DazzaM, Flip, Hooters, husq mike, Jacko, Jed77, JNR, Kennyv11, Martyn, Pas, Tommy, Twoody, WR Ross
Rider of the day Tommy
Stack of the day Not awarded
Tommy's 300th.HM's take.
Thanks guys for turning up at the farm to celebrate the big 300 for Tommy.The day was wetter than forecast,but that did not stop us having a ball out there.As usual Dazza stitched up a great ride combo,with lots of hills and single trail.There was a lot of shenanigans going on in the pack ,which adds to the day.The brave ones even went for an arvo ride.No accidents of note ,which always makes for a great ending.†
Thanks to Hooters ,we even had our own mini fireworks night on Friday.
Started to get a bit messy with alcohol consumption and we had to try to get someone more responsible to handle the fireworks.In hindsight ,not sure whether Ross was really the right man for the job.†
Anyhow ,no one died, just a few went deaf.
Fortunately, it got past Hooters bedtime of 8.30.Just as well as there was talk of stabbing him with my lemon knife if we heard that same story again.
Saturday night started off a little bit sedate because a few tired boys.But again, combination of alcohol and fireworks provided plenty of entertainment.
Tommy's captain morgan rum did not make it back home to Perth.HM's port (courtesy of Andrew) was also looking a bit sad.
Tommy and I won the stayers award that night,but eventually called it quits.I Decided to have a shower and realised it was 4am.
Not a PB for the farm ,but close.
A big thanks to JNR for organising gifts,plaques and of course the home made cake.Sorry I left the cake price tag on JNR.

Also thanks to Martyn who pushed Jacko out for sweep duties.

Lets see how I go for names of our crew (all from my bad memory): Tommy,JNR,Hooters,Clint,Andrew,HM,Jed,martyn,Dazza,Kenny,Jacko,Cogers twoody,Ross,Pas,2slow and I think Mark..Let me know if I have stuffed up.
Thanks again to all joined in.

Thanks for a great weekend at Pikeyís plc for Tommyís 300th, Tommy (ROTD).
Special thanks to Pikey for the hospitality & letting us camp & run amuck at his plc the young lads loved it as well bud, so thank you ??
Once again Dazza turns it on & supplies yet another awesome ride for us all to enjoy, so thanks bud for your time & efforts you put in ??the arvo loop was wicked ??& another to thank is the southern super sweep Marty always keeps everyone together to keep things flowing, Iíll buy you a bottle & a hose ?????.
Jed a FB memory just popped up from a year ago with you & me sucking fuel out of your bike for me ?????
Had to head off early Sunday morning to get things all cleaned up & take Zak up to the track to help his buddies on the start gates while I got in more beers at the bar ??? was good to watch all the young lads help each other out good to see at the end of the day we all have the same passion

Thanks Pikey for the hospitality and use of your ripper facilities. Thanks to all who helped mark tails and plan the ride. Thanks Daz for leading, it was fantastic as always. Thanks Marty for sweeping. Thanks Junior for organising Tommy's gifts and the ride on the Ebike (if i buy one it's your fault so you have to go me halves). Thanks to everyone else for making it a really good weekend and thanks Tommy for giving us an occasion to celebrate and for always being a top fella.
The conditions were awesome (but did require a bit of extra goggle maintenance). Great trails all day. There were a few people I barely caught up with by the time we got back to Mikes after Junior ran out of fuel AGAIN (time to get a better tune in that bike) several people were packing up and about to leave. We'll catch up next time. That afternoon loop was a ripper.
After extreme efforts to dry my boots on Saturday night I couldn't muster a single keen body for a Sunday ride.
See you all next time
Dave (2slow)

Thanks for all the kind comments about having 300 rides.
Iíve checked all the co-riders and there are 311 of them so every ride means I meet a new friend














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