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The Three Big Bores
Date 04/Sep/21
4 Riders Jack, Jed77, JNR, XRCass
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The Three Big Bores,
Players: XRCass, Jed77, JNR, Jack
XRCass called a shake down ride for the JB500 and after some late rain during the week the sand was going to be perfect. JNR and Jack came out with the big bores to match the might of XRCass and Jed on his 500.†

A bit of black tar out from OVT and boom straight into it. No time to adjust your stance, scratch your nose or pull your undies out of your crack. Shit was coming at you fast and the sand was going to eat you up if you hesitated for one slight moment.†

Twist the throttle, lean back and grind it out. Just as we were getting the hang of this Brand Highway appeared on the horizon. 1 hr of total focus felt like 5 minutes. Continued on to XRCassís burn out paddock to practice power slides, then onto the fuel station and somewhere in between there we changed Jeds ripped rear tube valve with a 21Ē tube.

After refueling we point the bikes west and ploughed through the sand back to OVT. Now the sand was a foot deep, changing lines was so much more risky so plenty of bush scrubbing on the way home.†

As promised by XRCass, when the clock struck 12 noon we were back at OVT enjoying a cold beer.
Excellent ride, injury free and an absolute hoot !

Great ride today gents, chewed through 150ks quickly. Your not shy on that big Honda Cass??o way I was catching you. Thanks again for the lead, lot of fun out there to blow the cobwebs out.
Cheers to Jack for the tube and Jnr for the run on the big bike

Thanks for the ride Jed, Jack and Jnr (hmmm not far off John, Jack and Jim there ) ... did a 4 hr ride and took 15secs of vid. I was impressed with the big bikes in the sand (690 and 701) ... so much so in fact that I went from specifically picking tracks without any sandy whoops to ... bugger em this'll do - they can ride. Jed on the 500 with a seriously F#@!ed up shoulder was impressive also. The XR ran good - nothing fell off (including the rider) and she starts when she should so all good for the JB500 next Fri/Sat - bring it on

hanks for the ride today lads was killer to get back in the sand chasing each other fighting the 4x4 wheel ruts on the big girls. I donít know what was worse chasing the mighty XR or on my arvo ride chasing bloody 13 year olds now on 125 & 250ís that have sand for breakfast






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