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Jarradale to Wandering ADV
Date 03/Oct/21
5 Riders husq mike, MickKal, Pounce, Slates, Tommy
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Well, a long day for HM.left home at 7.30am and got back at 5.30pm.
As usual Mickkal put on a top ride (except for that first mongrel single trail.)The white pig and its rider struggled through, just.Was thinking 'hope not too much more of this shit'.Luckily , the tracks opened out and tracks were in perfect condition.A couple of green slime tracks to keep us on our toes.
Slates bailed early due to clutch problems (or was it severe hangover).We will never know.
Started to get a bit of a feel for the DR ,but that was short lived when we hit whoops near the end.I don't care how good you are, they are not whoop bikes.
I Liked the ktm690 , and with my short arse setup it would be a bike to ride.It goes quick ,it handles and it stops well.
Thanks again to Mick and all the crew who turned up.Feeling nicely sore and tired.3rd beer going down well.

A good day out, thanks Mick.
250 klm's on the 450 with my sit down riding style is not conducive to comfort, although I think I had more fun on it than I would have had on the 690. There was a good mix of everything.
Onya Mike for sweeping on the big girl.
Nice to meet the other blokes who aren't slouches when it comes to racing along the open trails.
Only one bike failed, you know who you are Slates
Only one flat tyre to change, Micks ute in Jarradale when we got back to the cars.
Big thanks to all.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the ride yesterday and to the sweeps. First we got booted out of the Pub carpark then 100m into the ride we hit a roadblock for the famous Jarradale Woodchop and had to divert, but then things finally started to go smooth after that. Highlight of the day was that sweet Jarrahdale single track section which all the boys on the big bikes really seemed to enjoy.
Any one for SOTD? I almost dropped it at the servo but rumor was Slates 690 may have hit the deck in that single track section?
Cheers to Pounce for the assist with the flat tyre on the ute.

Thanks boys for the ride yesterday, unfortunately a DNF.
The hangover was starting to feel better then the clutch by mid morning. Least my 690 started on the grid Pounce!

You will all see the spare tube (photos) I carried with me all day Sunday.Would have been a real asset if I had flat.










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