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Just what the doctor ordered
Date 09/Oct/21
4 Riders 2slow, cogers, DazzaM, pete450
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
A+ Day down in Woky. Thank you Dazza, your knowledge of the area is top shelf. Pete450 and Dave2Slow made it a entertaining day with moisty conditions!

Thanks DazzaM for an awesome lead around Woky, I'm not sure how many K's in total but I know I was feeling it near the end of the ride. Good on ya Cogers and Pete450 for making it a great day.

Yep great ride out woky I mentioned to dazz I felt like a good hit out and he certainly delivered. Awesome tracks as always big thanks dazz Dave and cogers for a top day

Cheers Brad,Dave and Pete for coming out for great ride yesterday. Just what the doctor ordered.Been awhile since we have done a ride like that one and feeling it today Awesome conditions for riding and managed to find a few new tracks as well
Cheers again



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