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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Adventure Rally 2022
Date 15/May/22
13 Riders Biggles, Bunga, Collin, Husky Dan, husq mike, Jack, Jason, JNR, KatoTodd, Pounce, Sam300, Spike, Tommy
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Adventure Rally 2022
Riders: Biggles, husq Mike, Jack, Tommy, Pounce
Mid pack Riders Perspective - (Jack)

Many changes are underway at Adventure Rally Base camp, dorms being refurbished, new dam under constructing and bush clearing around the grounds. Fingers crossed camping onsite will be allowed from next year and ADV’ Rally can start returning back to its Glory days of 2010 where +400 riders battled bar to bar and bucket loads of prizes were given away.

Pounce and Tommy volunteered on sweep duties Biggles was around the Start Gate and not sure where husq Mike volunteered, but I can assure you it was very important. You don’t get accepted to the purple circle just for being a Top Bloke

Conditions were perfect, plenty of single trails and woops. Riding middle of the pack rewarded the rider with cleared debris off the trails, well formed burms and perfect ruts to rail around fallen trees.
Rider numbers looked down on last year, there was no agro or dickehead factor on the trails either. All riders were polite and tooted their horns to pass or waited until twin tracks were present. Plenty of new bikes too, so clearly the sport benefited well from Covid

this event in your calendar for next year, it’s worth supporting for trailbike riding sustainability in State Forests. The T&E and husq Mike do an awesome job and spent many days preparing for this annual event.

ADV rally 2022.
Well a lot of work and many hours of riding finally came to fruition.Weather gods looked after us,with plenty of rain from Thursday and none on the day.I looked out for the good looking Crusty Roosters,but with helmets on you all the same.Was mainly out on the track sweeping.As far as i know there were no injuries of any note.Thats pretty amazing considering the spread of riders out there.
I got nominated for mid sweep in the morning.Tail end sweeps were stuck in 1st gear behind a couple of learners,so not too exciting for them.
After 2 1/2 laps of the circuit at pace ,this old Crusty was feeling it by the end.On one power slide I clipped a rock with back wheel and ended up down the track.This time I landed on the bike and not the other way round. Embarressment only.
Thanks to Crustys who helped over the weeks.Biggles, Jack, Tommy,Pounce,Bunga, and Jnr for moral support.hope I did not miss any.

On the same note. A designing ride is called for this weekend.Its good fun with no riding pressure.The more riders the easier it flows.So if at a loose end, come down and ride the track with us.

Thanks for the weekend to the Crusty’s that was down at the Estate, was good to catch up around the fire with a few beers & a yarn, it would’ve been tough on the sweeps having to do a lot of kms in such a short time but it sounded like everything went smoothly so well done , I was jealous of you guys going out in supreme conditions on Sunday but I did enjoy having some battles on the 110’s with the young lads
Hope to see you guys out there soon

12 hours sleep last night.
I haven't done one of these in the last few years, why pay when you can ride it for free!
After helping out the past few weeks I realise the amount of work the volunteers do just signing the course & sweeping so these things go smoothly. It's a big effort for the T&E so kudos to them for doing this.
220 riders & no drama so it is worth the money for a well designed course.
We pre swept half of the south loop in the morning, then pre swept half the north loop before it was opened, the did the full north loop. I think I did around 130 k's
It's the first time I have only drank 10 beers over two night at Casa del Sandalwood.
Thanks to everyone involved & as Mike said, we're de signing next weekend so let him know if you're in.

Adventure Rally 2022
Missed the last couple for one reason or another but was looking forward to getting back on the bike and having a ride. Husky Dan (brother in law) travelled down nice and early on Sunday. Cannot wait for all the work at Mornington to be finished so we can get back to camping. Looks like they have heaps planned for the site.
Caught up with Pounce and Tommy who were sweeping the event. Thanks to them and all the other volunteers that allow us to just rock up and ride!
Haven't been on the bike for a while so went out mid pack which was perfect. All the throttle jockey primed the course up for us slower buggers! Haha
Morning loop was good, a few areas of whoops and a little tighter stuff but the arvo loops was primo! It really is what I love most about riding. The last little section coming into came along the property fence line was a perfect way to finish each loop!
I had my first decent 'off' in a very long time late on the last loop. Came around a 180 bend and got on the gas for the back wheel to hook up but then deflect off something throwing me off line and into a hole. Bike stopped... I didn't! Landed hard and knocked the wind out of me and a few scrapes up my side and rear shoulder from landing on some of those lovely orange rocks. Some nice bruising now but my neck brace and chest armour did their job!
Already cannot wait for Capel 200 and see the CQ around the fire on Friday night!









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