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We might get lost
Date 30/Oct/10
8 Riders Choko, FueltankerAllen, Husky Dan, Jason, Thomas, Tommy, wr phil, WR Ross
Rider of the day Tommy
Stack of the day Choko
Tommys We Might Get Lost Ride

Lead: Tommy
Sweep: Fueltanker Allen

Riders: Choko, Fueltanker Allen, Husky Dan, Jason, Thomas, Tommy, WR Phil, WR Ross

ROTD: Tommy
SOTD: Choko?

Tommy called a ride on Thursday to head to the hills for a ride with the paln to do about 90kms but will probably get lost and do some more!!

This was my first true CQ ride as previously I had ridden MOA and Capel where I had meet Tommy. It was great to finally meet Choko, FT Allen and some other Newbies. I also brought my Brother in Law (Husky Dan) along for his first CQ ride. He, like me has been a long time Message Board Stalker but he resisted posting until he was ready for his first ride.

The Lakes Roadhouse was the meeting point where eight riders arrived. At 8.30am we headed out to the parking spot, got the bikes off and everyone got booted & suited.

The normal riders brief was conducted with Tommy saying he was heading out for a ride and we could all try and keep up. He also promised numerous stops as he was using the GPS to find the tracks. There was the promise of adventure when he said we might get lost, and I think we were all kind of hoping so. Sure enough, instead of heading out along a defined trail, off we all went, straight into the bush!

After a bit of pioneering and making our own tracks, it wasnt long before we found a nice single trail that followed a creek bed. Tight, twisty, up & down, it had something for everyone and the group was moving along nicely with a few stops for bearings and re-groups. What a great start to the day.

There were so many nice tracks out there with a great mix of pea gravel, white sand, single tracks, log jumps, rocky sections, ruts, up hills, down hills, jumps etc etc. There certainly was a bit of dust around but I guess it is to be expected at this time of year.

After one re-group I was going along nicely only to have Choko blast by me at a million miles an hour thinking boy he can ride only to see the brake lights flash on and him just miss a rather large obstacle hidden in the dust.

More of the same continued until we found a pretty knarly hill with plenty of large/ loose rocks that claimed a few riders. I was behind Choko and witnessed him and the CRF parting ways. Choko wanted to go one way, the CRF decided on another, the front wheel went up, and Choko came down. I decided to take an alternate route and got up and on with the task of chasing Tommy down. Apparently Husky Dan also had an off on this hill as well, I didnt see it so Choko get my vote for SOTD.

We ran into a few other riders and a 4WD with a father and son out looking for a big hill.

At another re-group, Thomas decided it was time to carry out some suspension tuning so a welcome break was had whilst Tommy backtracked to try and pick up our location.

Tommy then took us to a familiar area where there has been many a profile picture taken. A few of us had a couple goes at the jump maybe trying to get that magic picture of some sick air to be added to our profiles?

By this time a couple of the bikes were starting to run a little light on fuel so we started to head back in the general direction of the cars.

Tommy again took us on a nice scenic trip and when he and Choko disappeared over a ledge I thought where the hell are these guys going? Anyway, down the side of a hill that the Man from Snowy River would have been proud of where the brakes on many bikes were heard to be squealing in protest until we joined back up to the same creek bed tracks and eventually back to the cars.

No issues at all with the corner man system or with faster riders. The group seemed all to be of similar skills and speed, either that or the better guys helped us wannabes by taking it easy? We all rode at a comfortable pace and everything flowed really well.

Once back at the cars, everything was packed up and a few drinks had whilst talking about a great days riding. All the bodies and bikes were back in one piece which is always a good thing!

Thanks to Tommy and FT Allen and all the boys for an awesome day. It was great to be out there and not really having to worry about where you are going, as well as knowing there will always be someone there following you around. Also thanks for taking a few pics to guys.

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

Tommy's Ride

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