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West Coast Safari Kids Weekend
Date 02/Oct/11
7 Riders Becka, Jake, Jason, Josh, Matthew, Steve, Zac
Rider of the day Matthew
Stack of the day Becka
West Coast Bike Park Weekend Oct 1-2

Jason posted a weekend ride at the WCT Bike Park near Kirup. We hoped for a good Crusty turnout, but only Jason and I were there with our kids to fly the flag. Jason took his 4 boys Josh (aged 13), Zac & Jake (11), and Matthew (9) with their Yamahas, and I took my daughter Becka (10) with her quad-bike. All 5 kids are now formally Crusty members, each with their first ride point.

Once we arrived and set up camp, it was straight into the riding. The Bike Park has a variety of trails to cater for all levels of riders, starting with the Pee Wee Track and the Kids Trail. For experienced riders, there is the 2km long Natural Terrain MX Track, in addition to a Blue Trail and Red Trail of 25km and 35km respectively which wind through some great terrain and include some optional technical sections.

I was quite impressed at the riding skills of Jasons boys, who burned around the Kids Trail, the Natural Terrain MX Track and the Red Trail at good speeds. Having had limited time on her quad, Becka started on the Pee Wee Track before tackling the Kids Trail.

In between rides, the kids had a great time exploring the stream behind the camp area. Staino did a cameo ride through with his Safari riders. Late in the afternoon, Jason and I did a sweep of the Red Trail.

As usual, dinner was the perfect combination of a few beers and a camp fire BBQ with a few other families. Once it got dark, the kids got out their torches and went exploring the trails on the large open area directly in front of the camp site. When they returned, it was apparent that they liked mud.

Most people were up early Sunday morning, and it was soon back onto the trails, and Becka got confident enough to take on the mighty Natural Terrain MX Track. Having never ridden a 2-wheel motorbike, she later jumped on a Honda 50cc peewee. As I didnt think to advise her not to grab a big handful of the front brake when turning, she dropped it on the gravel where everyone could see. A few of the boys had minor stacks out of sight of the spectators, and will be grateful that Beckas stack had an audience which earned her very first SOTD. Young Matthew was awarded ROTD for keeping up with his big brothers.

We got to have a quick chat with Staino and Georgina before the rain arrived late in the morning. When it looked like the rain wasnt going to let up, the kids lost their enthusiasm for riding so we decided to pack up.

Jason and I were very impressed with all aspects of the Bike Park, and Staino and Georgina are continually upgrading the facilities and making new trails. Just as the Crusty Quinns are always keen to support the West Coast Trailbikes Safaris, we feel it important we also support the Ride Park. Maybe we can make this an annual event and try and get not just families but some other riders as there are enough tracks and challenges for all skill levels.

WCS kids weekend

WCS kids weekend

WCTS Family Park weekend - Becka (Steve's daughter)

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