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  A Ride Report - that wot happened...
The RTRA took my baby away!
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Good Friday - 30 blokes with God on their side
More to come...
Gazza makes it to 50 Rides, not bad for 7 1/2 years.

From the sweeps view
With 30 riders I thought I would be busy all day with break downs, punctures, no fuel and lost riders and a slow pace because of the dust but this didnít happen. Pounce lead a great ride and only had to back track once with his new GPS. All the riders were doing the corners and ready to go as soon as I gave them a wave. One bike didnít want to start until the owner gave it some mouth to mouth resuscitation (he had to blow down the fuel line into the carby and it started) one set of bark busters had to be tightened and near the end of the day I had to pull over a few times while some riders had to switch to reserve all in all a fast and flowing easy ride for the sweep.

They're like snails, a little bit of rain & they all come out from hiding.
I panicked when I got to the Lakes & there were bikes everywhere. I said hi to a few, did a quick count & when Tommy showed up I said sod it, let's go, there's 29 & I'm not waiting for any more.
Thanks to everyone that came today, even with the big crowd there were no major hold ups, disasters, & it all went smoothly.
135 odd klm's & 4 1/2 hours later - back at the cars.
Congrats to Gazza, made it to 50 rides. Not bad for 7 1/2 years.

Thanks Pounce for a great ride and to Tommy for sweeping.
Great to be back out and that has to be some records....30 players!!
Flowed really well with no issues. A pack of us headed back to the cars after 50k's as we didn't have the range of the fuel tankers and I lead 6 guys back to the cars whilst Pounce took the main pack on a continued ride.
Husky Dan and I went back out from the cars for a quick blat after a refuel only to be back at the cars at the same time as the main pack.
Great weather, great conditions, great blokes = great day!!
Thanks again to all.

thanks pounce, another great day on the trails. you were looking a little worried this morning, but it was all good in the end and thanks to tommy for sweeping all day.

Thanks for the ride pounce...That was a bit different 30 bikes and a fast pace ...I thoroughly enjoyed it...Mick450.. missed out on 5 kms ot virgin scrub..I reckon he would have had a horn a foot long!....Hey Hooters ,if your out there,,,WRrob is absolutely stonkin and I reckon he's only at 40%, don't say you wern't warned!!!...Thanks Tommy who eat dust all day...The dust is definately getting better.....On a sadder note , the Big Rock Tavern was closed...some Feel Good Friday thing.

Cheers pounce thanks for the ride.and tommy for sweeping c ya boys next time.

Thanks Pounce for leading and Tommy for sweeping , great fast flowing tracks new ground , a good pace Brillant !!! Thankyous cheers ;)))

Thanks pounce great ride today an to Tommy for sweep duties
WR Steve

Pounce, thanks for are a great ride today, got rid of the cob webs. Tommy thanks for sweeping.
Clean Man

Another great ride yesterday , " should have taken my brushcutter" thanks to pounce for leading and tommy up the rear!

Thank you for calling the ride yesterday Pounce and Tommy for sweeping. It was certainly a sight to see all the bikes rocking up in the morning, a great turn out.
Nice flowing tracks and a great day for it.
Thanks to all. See you again soon
Huzky Dan



















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