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Lucky 13
Date 14/Apr/12
13 Riders Azza, BMWbeej, fingers, Hazi, Husky Dan, Jason, Martyn, mick450, Mick530, Tommy, waynovb, WR Ross, wr steve
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Husky Dan
From the lead riders view
The ride was called on Friday 13th for Sat morning and lucky number 13 turned up.
We set off for the parking spot unloaded the bikes booted up and had a ride brief were we went over the corner man system and a basic description of the ride being a round trip of about 130ks via a servo at about 65ks this was mainly for a new player Fingers. Marty put his hand up to ride sweep there and back and the rest would have fun in the middle racing each other from corner to corner.
So off we go not to hot but still dusty in the pack so everyone had the sense to spread out and try to catch as much fresh air as possible. The usual mud holes were bone dry so we couldn’t even fill in Fingers for a bit of entertainment along the way :( . As I was out front I only seen other riders when I stopped to put them on a corner so any off or near misses will have to be reported by someone else the only off that I am aware of on the way out is when we got to a wide 4x4 track and I thought I would have a quick look at the GPS my back wheel went into a rut I tried to accelerate out but this only threw me into the pea gravel faster :( .
After a refuel and some food we set off for home I couldn’t find the start of the track I wanted which was a bit embarrassing but we found it eventually and hit the trails for more fun and whoops on a full belly after a rest always a good recipe for a mishap.
A regroup later at the top of a hill I noticed Husky Dans headlight was on the piss he said he had hit a tree and his finger was sore I said to keep his gloves on and we would head home an easier way at the next hill he was having some trouble so Marty went down again and took him round to meet us at the other side. Azza said he had little fall over a log at the beginning of the ride and whacked his foot on the way back and has a big bruised toe. The next thing of interest was a
Echidna in the middle of the track rolled up in a ball so BMWbeej and I rolled it off to safety before anyone else arrived. After this it was a direct ride back to the cars a beer and some chat and banter about the ride.

Husky Dan finger is OK today. Simple dislocation and popped straight back in and the ring came off no dramas. Appreciate everyones help getting him up that first hill and patience getting him back to the cars.

Lots of great tracks, single trails a great day out (shame about the end)
I have just got back from the hospital emergency, figure put back in pace after dislocation, X-rays done all looks good. Looking forward to the next one
Thanks again, Great day out
Husky Dan

Quite a taxing ride yesterday, Lots of rutted single trails with whoops , rocks, and dust a plenty. I really enjoyed it. Did see a few people praying to the sand god as I passed them, Had a little fall myself over a log at the begining of the ride and whacked my foot on the way back, big bruised toe.Well done Tommy for another great ride and sweeping man Marty.








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