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2012 West Coast Safari Tour.
Date 03/Jun/12
20 Riders Biggles, Boonie, Clean man, Colin, CRFAndrew, Deets, fatz450, Georgina, Hazi, Husky Dan, husq mike, Ifor, Jacko, Jason, ktm carl, Merv, Staino, Steve, Wombat, Wrex
Rider of the day fatz450
Stack of the day Deets
2012 CQ WCTBS from the eyes of Hazi

Day 1 – Arrive at Staino’s just before 8am and most of the Crusties are already there. Unload bike, gear up and ready for the pre-ride talk. Look around and wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Have read a lot of the rider profiles and know I have nowhere near as much experience on the bike as these guys. Feel a bit better when Staino states there will be “Gentleman’s options” for those that find the hills a little to challenging until I realise this is more commonly known as the woos option (Oh dear!). Off we go and an easy start to the day until we reach the first warm up hill on a fence line. Nothing too difficult just a bit gnarly so Staino tells us to wait at the top. Make it up o/k with a few others then turn the bike off till everyone is there. Bit quiet so obviously there must be a bit of a problem somewhere. News comes that one of the bikes has thrown a chain (will let someone else tell that story). After a bit of a wait it’s all sorted and we are off again. Into the flat track sandy stuff and man was that fun! Already I am riding outside of my ability and leaning the bike over further in the corners than I ever have done before but just couldn’t help myself. Luckily no spills and make it to the lunch break. Fill of soup and sandwiches and I’m ready for a nanna nap. Off we go again and straight into the first hill, Little Bertha! I had just been on the corner so was the last to get there and all I could see was carnage. Had one failed attempt to get up but just short so went around with the sweep as didn’t want to hold up the rest of the group (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). Next hill through the pines and I struggle again but managed to get there with the KTM boiling like a kettle. Into some easier stuff next and was starting to get my mojo back. Started climbing another small rutted hill and could hear someone close behind me. Better move over and let them through but then didn’t come past. Then I hear a woohoo and realise it’ Colin and I think he wants to play. O/k mate let’s go and he stays in the right rut and I’m in the left one with the throttle’s turned full. Sheer stupidity and I am definitely riding beyond my ability now! Luckily we catch up to the guy in front of us and have to slow down before it all ends in tears. Made it through the water crossing o/k with my eyes closed and the revs up (someone told me that was the best thing to do). Finally make it to Greenbushes with tired body and looking forward to shower and beer.

Day 2 – Didn’t sleep that well, every time I closed my eyes all I could see was steep gnarly hills that were giving me nightmares. Was feeling a bit hung over as well but don’t think it had anything to do with the beer, must have been the sticky date pudding????? Gear up and off we go. More than a few aching bodies but wasn’t long before we were all into the groove again. Get to the hills and decide to take the “Gentleman’s Option” (woos!). Spectator hill was a good laugh until we hear that Wombat’s KTM has died. Darren the sweep managed to tow him out (I was pretty impressed with that) and we regroup at a bitumen intersection to plan a way forward. I can hear Wombat saying "where’s Hazi, I can use parts of his bike", so thought I better hide myself in the pack before he wrestles me to the ground and gets Carl to pull my bike apart. Lunch at the ride park with entertainment watching the kids zooming around the pee wee track (wish I had started at that age). Spare bike is offered to Wombat and he has to stoop down to riding a Yamaha, and a 250 at that!!!!! Was that Georgina’s bike?? The afternoon is filled with that open flowing stuff that we all hate!! I had the 350 pinned and again riding outside of my ability but as one person pointed out, you have to push yourself a little to get better. Nearly end of the ride and see a few bikes stopped in front of me. Then see Deets on the ground not looking to well. Roll up of the sleeve reveals a deep gash to the elbow and before it is fixed up a photo needs to be taken (never miss a photo opportunity!!) A quick bandage with duck tape holding it all together and off were rolling again. We all get back to Staino’s with tired bodies and great memories.

Thanks Crusties and thanks to Staino for a fantastic ride and to Darren for sweeping. For those that think they can’t do this ride think again. I have only been riding dirt bikes for just over 2 years and managed to keep up for the most part. Staino does a great 1 day ride if you think 2 days is too much and I recommend booking on one.

P.S. Hope this isn’t too long and feel free to cut it down for the ride report if need be.

Cheers Hazi

Wombats Post...........
What another awesome WCTRS, the weather couldn’t be any better, nor the company and terrain.
The mint single trails, loamy pine tracks, muddy middie berthas, birthday hill and that rocky Spectator KTM Killer hill….. Hmmmm.
The southwest was buzzing with the sound of enthusiastic thumpers criss crossing for any chance of sneaking a place in front of the next but there was a silent threat amongst the pack that gave you mere seconds notice before taking you in the most unlikely place, only to be stabled by a misread micrometre. Quality machinery or quality control?
My personal tragedy struck on Spectator Hill, a rocky near vertical challenge that Staino threw into the mix. Nailed the other hills, how hard can it be?
The indication should have been the number that didn’t bother to try and secondly, the number of bikes on their side half way up!
Still, I’m on a 500cc shovel, gotta try right? Approach was a bit average, stalled at half way point. Redirected bike to try again and with some momentum building, a wayward vertical launch shutdown that attempt with a fairly ordinary landing. Done that before so will try again except bike no go any more. A bad landing on a reasonable rock had smacked the fuel tank hard enough to crack an internal line of the EFI fuel pump! Unlucky.
The upside, being towed by an equally prestige machine the 25k’s back to the ride park. The downside, the flak that awaited due to the brand change required to complete the tour.
A few laps of the big kids motocross track saw me and the Wombat Racing 250 do some fine tuning to adjust to each other’s good/bad habits. No probs, we’re ready to race.
After getting used to the new ride I was happy to see some of the critics shut down as they were passed by the little blue screamer. I can freely admit, I WAS having fun!
Staino was right in stating how under rated they were.
Any chance of a brand change? NOT LIKELY! Love the lazy brute power too much. Liked the nimbleness though, maybe a 300 2T could be next???
All up, what a fantastic weekend again with many thanks to Georgina, Staino, Darren and the Crusty Crew for a great ride and will be looking forward to the next.


A few comments from WREX -

A few things I learn't over the weekend.

1. Don't trust ebay for critical bike components. Hey Merv.
2. Don't trust "new" batteries from the shop. Hey Andrew.
3. Don't trust Husqvarnas reliability. Hey Mike.
4. Another reason not to trust EFI. Hey Wombat.
5. Don't trust Wrex keeping it upright on the last puddle of the day.
6. Body Armour is worth it's weight in Gold. Hey Deets.
7. For an awesome time call on the Crusties, you boys never dissapoint.


A few words from CRFAndew -

Westcoast Safari 2012
The lead up to the ride of the year started a few months ago when the deposit was paid.
So i thought i better fix the honda up, new valves, piston in the motor and front shocks revalved and resealed as they were leakng. this will be the third WCS for the honda.
I almost cried when 830 saturday morning all kitted up to go and find the battery is dead flat (brand new a week ago). I start kicking to no avail , a quick tow from the sweep and the honda is alive.

Great sandy trails, single trails, big hills, mud, water the tour had eveything, racing in the pines. None stop laughs on and off the trails, with bike breakages stacks, falling in mud stuck on hills, hugging trees, falling into dams and rivers. it just didnt stop for two days.
Hope the elbow isnt too bad deets.
Thanks to all that were there good bunch of blokes.
Thanks to the wcs crew great weekend all round.
Few pics in the gallery

Only bad thing had to kickstart the honda all weekend, not that easy stuck on hill in mud.
Still the ride of the year well worth it.


Steve's post -

2012 CQ WCTBS - totally awesome again. Thanks to Staino, Georgina & Sweep, as well as all the participating Crustys for making it a fantastic event. The Saturday morning trails were exceptional, the hi-lite for me being when I did a face-plant into a slippery clay corner, right in front of Wombat. Big thanks to Wrex for getting my DRZ to the top of Little Birtha after lunch. My afternoon hi-lite was getting through the river crossing without my usual swim. Great trails, great challenges and great stories around the Greenbushes dinner table, especially Staino's story of Colin hugging that particularly cute tree; everyone to their own!!! Strangely, I don't recall anything about the Sunday ride. Can't wait for next year.


Husky Mikes comments -

Guys,my third WCTBS run.
Just as good as the rest.With plenty of hills and some spills.
The mighty 310 had a few problems with starter.Hopefully better by next ride.
We had a few high octane moments in the pines .Wombats recovery after passing jacko and hitting a well placed stump was a good one to see.
Some of the guys (who of course were not racing) stretched limit of man and machine .It was good fun.We also that day , renamed a hill to "Tree Hugging Hill" courtesy of Deets.
Saturday night saw the stories flow and get better and better.None of us could compete with WREX as his riding prowess got better and better after each can.A hilarious night.
Sunday was a quieter day , but still had share of hills and muddy creek crossings.
Deets came to grief near the end of the day, but I see he is back home after a bit of work on his elbow.
All in all a great two days and considering some of the acrobatics, not too sore.

Husky Mike.

Jacko's words -

what a fantastic two day of riding that was with new challenges around every corner.i saw a few lay downs and had a few myself. you know somethings up when you get to a steep section and theres a group waiting there with cameras ready.lots of good laughs, especially the water crossings and all the carnage on spectator hill. good to see the ride park going so well with all those little ones having as much fun as we were. thanks to staino and georgina for putting on such a great weekend.


Deet's story -

CQ 2 Day WCS ride - Just got home from Charlie Gardiners after a stitch up (getting that arm cleaned up with just a light local was intense I tell ya).
Awesome weekend. Tacky tracks and the best I've ever seen that hill stuff get on new tyres. I'm sad to say, those that thought about going and didn't, definitely missed something special. I even got a hill named after my actions, how sweet was that!
A ton of memorable moments I'm sure all the others will have heaps to say about so stay tuned...
Big thank you to those offered and helped me out throughout the last couple of days. I hope to catch up with you all again sooner than later after a mend.


Cleanman's comments -

2012 CQ's WCTBS

Great weekend, I have not been on a ride yet that I have not enjoyed, great bunch of guys who don't take themselves to seriously, great riding and lots of laughs.

The open fire trails in the pine forests had you grinning from ear to ear and yelling for more when it finished. .
Little Bertha was a challenge, hats off to Wombat, got his own bike up then proceeded to get another couple of bikes up as well, must have been because he obviously didn't get enough of the hill the first time!

The river crossing (Or was it a creek??) on day one almost put me in the lovely cold water right at the end of the day. Well done to all for getting across. Staino thanks for the boot wash, they were getting a bit dirty!!

Georgina and Staino,
It was my first time on one of your rides and I thoroughly enjoyed ever bit. Well supported and well run, I will definitely be back. Thanks to Darren for sweeping.

Deets, hope the arm heals soon?

Mike, I will not say a thing!!!!!!


Colin's words -

2012 WCS ride -
13 Hours in the car and 13 Hours on the bike.

A few highlights for me -
Watching Deets jump out of the bush and smacking into a tree before throwing his right arm around it to avoid falling back down a 2 metre drop.
Going head to head on a couple of gnarly hills climbs with Hazi and Kane.
Following Merv through the pines for about 10 k's going hard as and sticking hard to his back wheel.
Attempting to overtake Ifor for about 4 k's on a long flowing section, keeping the poor DRZ pinged and on the rev limited and without success.
Riding with 19 of the best blokes around and I say that with all sincerity.
Riding through the best trail country WA has to offer with changing scenery every 10 minutes and a new challenge around every corner.
Making it a few hill climbs that I didn't think I could.
Getting stuck on the first half of Little Bertha and another rider (Kane) stopping half way up to stop, lift my bike out of the rut and push me on my way. He did this all weekend when anyone was in trouble.
Watching the smiles on the faces of each and every Crusty at each and every regroup.
Well done WCS - When you think it cant be done, you go and excel and deliver something even better. Cant wait for the next ride.


Kane's comments -

WCTS 2012

My first Crusty ride and what a show,great trails,heaps of laughs,great bunch of guys a few beers and

wrex garanteed me that all Crusty rides are like that...Highlights for the weekend would have to be the

trails and all the little battles going on all weekend,seeing wrex shoot off into no mans land and also

seeing him come in very hot on his second attempt at spectator hill,hearing those big ktm,s about to

overtake you,that husquvarna 310 punching down on the inside both days,the way these boys were

riding i though staino was handing out lollies upfront...

Funniest thing would have to be deets sliding down the bank on his butt before the creek crossing,and

the most inspiring effort would also have to be deets,after seeing him at lunch on day two i thought

he was spent,but he got on his big machine and rode the pants off everyone (well me anyway).

All in all fantastic weekend,well run by WCTS and the Crusty boys....Cheers Kane

Quote of the weekend "I dont want this weekend to finish" Colin.... I think we were all thinking that.

A book Biggles is writing -

WCTS 2012.

What a great weekend!
Perfect weather, great bunch of guys and excellent hosts in Georgina and Staino.

I arrived about 8.30 Friday and the party seemed to be going well around the campfire with most of the CQ’s very relaxed about the weekend ahead.

Saturday saw a couple more arrivals and it wasn’t long before everyone was ready for Staino’s safety brief, including a plan for the day and a gentle reminder about riding the trails on private land without permission.
As usual it was straight into it, short single track to warm and then a bit of boundary riding followed by a wider winding downhill, slightly slippery clay track.

Then not 10 km into the ride we have a rider with a broken chain, lets call him Merv for the sake on anonymity. 5 km later I caught up with Staino to advise him of the situation. Staino left me in charge of a short hill climb while he went to the rescue (which required him to go back to base for a new chain for Merv).

Meanwhile I spent about 20 minutes looking at a hill that I failed to get up last year, and so suitably psyched up when given the all clear I hit the start button and went for it. To my surprise I managed to hang on and made to the top unscathed where half the group were assembled and waiting to offer their support and condolences to Merv.

Then things just got better after that, the trails were flowing and the grip awesome, even for someone of with my level of experience, this was a real blast, I didn’t miss a beat (that means I didn’t fall off).

That doesn’t meant to say I did not have any moments, ask Deets. He was following me along a sweet section of single trail, there was a straight section and I looked back to see where he was and when I looked back someone had left a log on the track, it was only about 250 mm diameter but I hit at around 50 kph, I thought I did a superman, but Deets insists it was a flying W! no damage though I just kept going.

Lunch at the winery was as usual for me a nice cold meat salad while the rest enjoyed hot soup and fresh rolls. It was a very relaxing lunch and with the bikes refuelled, water and snacks on board it was off to tackle some real hills.

Now the bike was in gear and running but the brain obviously wasn’t when I came over a gentle rise on the first track just a couple of minutes from lunch. There was a dip in the track with a bit of water to the left and dry but muddy section to the right, now to the right of the muddy section is a small dam.

Well Andrew helped me pick up the bike after I scrambled out of the dam, which was quite deep, cold and muddy, I was soaked though and the gallery on the hill had a good laugh (and why not). I wish I had my video on at the time, it was a classic stuck in the mud over the handlebars into the dam trick!

A few minutes later and feeling about 10 kg heavier we were into the first test of the day, Staino said it was a track but it was more like a creek bed, steep, slippery and full of rocks, and that was just to get to the base of Little Bertha, a gazetted road I think Staino said?

Well most of the guys powered up Little Bertha without too much trouble, I think they took the easy route. I tried twice but could not get past ½ way, so I actually feel I did my bit and rode down twice, which is more than they did. So after wrestling the bike back upright (without outside assistance) from every position including upside down, I was feeling the effects of a big lunch and a swim, so took the gentleman’s route to the top.

Not much later there was a mint track through the pines up it went, dropped the bike between a rock and a tree on some slippery roots, went back for another go, dropped it again, both times the bike landed upside down on the slope and both times it was an effort to get it around and up. Time for a new plan, each time ending in the bike on its side and with no energy left after picking the bike up half a dozen times I called on Darren the sweep for an hand and asked him to ride it up a few metres past the trouble spot.

Then I had to walk up to the bike (I was tempted to ask him to carry me then too), and continue on to the top after another false start I cut my own way up and arrived to the cheers of the waiting crowd!

Just when you think you have had enough for the day Staino springs a river crossing on us, well actually a double river crossing because there was an island in the middle. Well it really made no difference to me I was soaked and smelly, so a dip in the fresh flowing river looked like a good option, but then I thought that the CRF might not like it too much so I was happy to walk the bike across the main river in thigh deep water, and ride through the shallower and less risky second section.

Not far to go now, then there is a delay due to a bike breakdown, and its getting dark, eventually we make it to Greenbushes and the Exchange Hotel and park the bikes. And the highlight of the afternoon for me was getting the first room key and a clear run at the hot showers.

I was absolutely stuffed after swimming, walking, climbing and even a bit of riding this afternoon. But it was also great fun. I knew it would be a challenge as hills are not one of my strong points. All I had to do now was stay awake long enough for dinner and all would be well…

Dinner was, as usual full of stories of close shaves and crashes, who is the Missing Link, how much is a new chain out in the bush compared to buying online, who can fix the automatic transmission lock on a Husky the quickest, who is the tree hugger. And almost everyone else was stuffed too.

Sunday – Day 2.

Another perfect day, a fresh change of gear and a full breakfast and a tank of fuel and we are off again and into the bush after only about 2 minutes from the Hotel.

We warmed up on a mix of trails, found some new ones and made some more, I was back into it after a hard time yesterday afternoon. Then time for a short break as Mike did a bit of work on the Husky (he could get a job as a factory mechanic) and we were off again to the first hill of the day – Birthday Hill.

I had a look from the top (about three times) before following most of the guys around the trail to the base of the hill, it looked steep, it was black and imposing and you could not see which way it went, but encouraged by our ever present Sweep, second gear and hit it hard and keep the revs up and away I went.

There was a serious off camber section at the start leading to a seriously deep rut, but the grip was amazing and the bike stayed on line and up it went with me hanging on, standing up and trying to get over the bars. The track went left then right (I think) and the top was in sight, triumphant, fist in the air I had made it, much to the surprise and cheers of the gallery. I hope they got a photo of that.

Our next stop was Spectator Hill, Staino directed half of us to the coliseum while the rest fed themselves to the lions of Spectator Hill. There was, as usual plenty of carnage and lots of laughs following spectacular performances by the brave Crusty Crew who risked bike and limb to entertain us. While few got through first time and a couple gave it away (and who could blame them); I think Husky Mike was missing the power of the bigger Husky and had at least 4 attempts, well done Mike.

One of the casualties of Spectator Hill was Wombat, I think he flipped the KTM and damaged the fuel pump, so that was it for now, he would have to ride the spare WRF250. While the KTM was being retrieved Staino took the opportunity for some PR work and charmed the ladies of the local horse-riding club on their Sunday morning ride.

Lunch was at the Ride Park, plenty of food and drinks and fuel provided by Georgina. The park was busy with riders of all ages, a great family event in a safe environment.

After lunch Staino found another muddy creek to cross and the hole on the exit bank caught a few out. Then it was on to another muddy creek followed by a bit of a hill where I forgot all that I had learned about climbing hills and promptly stalled the bike and fell into the brambles at the side of the track. Not to worry, the recovery was easy and I made it to the top without any further problems.

But. The best was still to come.

The trails just got better and better and It wasn’t long before we were into some more great trails, winding through some excellent single track, long and smooth and easy to get into a comfortable rhythm. For about 25 minutes it was fantastic single track, then more fast, smooth flowing trails mixed with a bit of single track to keep us honest.

The time just swept by, I felt like a kid in a lolly shop it was that good, and then when you thought it couldn’t get any better it was into the pines.

What a blast!

I know I am a long way of the quickest rider, and I have the smallest bike, but I had a ball today and the best part for me was holding off a couple of big bikes on one of those long sweeping bends in the pines (until it straightened out).

Great bunch of guys, great weather, and great trails, awesome grip and looked after every inch of the way by John, Georgina and Darren.

Great weekend – thanks Crusty’s

Thanks Biggles.

A few words from Ifor -

Hi Everyone, just a few lines to say how much fun I had at the West Coast ride at the weekend, amazing organisation by Georgina and Staino, very impressive! The riding was a challenge, with some tough stuff thrown in just when the hotel sounded like it wasn't far away...
The weather was about as perfect as it would be possible to be for this type of event.
The scenery spectacular particularly as I live in Geraldton which is quite lacking in that department.
I have ridden in the forests in that area in the past, just beautiful, and with Staino's navigation always something new round every corner.
I found the company of Crustys always friendly, and willing to help if you needed it, and plenty of competition if you felt the need to make a race of it. It was interesting that we had a wide range of ages of riders, and not a vast range of abilities (Wombat excepted)! What really got me though was the last hour or two before the finish on Sunday, it was like everyone suddenly thought they had better shape up and start showing how amazingly fast they could ride, Deets included.
Also full marks to Darren the sweep, patient and helpful, and a good towing rider, had a bit of practice this weekend. Also he managed to show most of us how to climb a hill or three!




































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