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Capel 2012
Date 01/Jul/12
19 Riders Andy400, Ash, Buttsy, CRFAndrew, DazzaM, Franko, Gareth, husq mike, Jason, Jeff The Bear, Martyn, Mick530, Nathan, Seano, Tobz450, Tommy, Troy450, waynovb, WRFDave
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Had a challenging two loop ride at the Capel ironstone.I think three would have been asking for major disaster.No Crusty injuries, although Andy copped a good tree thump to the head, but could still walk in a straight line so is probabaly ok.Good on you Andrew for sweeping.
After the last wokalup ride I decided it would be better for an early night.Troy looked as though he was going to be up for a while so left them to it.
The conditions in the morning were perfect, but the first few slippery K's claimed a few victims.
Then everyone became overheated.Goggles became useless.
The tracks were great until the sandy whoops.Suddenly realised how unfit I was.Had an embarrassing little drop on a log just after I passed a couple of guys held them up till got it together.Stuggled through the loop with no goggles.
Second loop much better with old goggles.Found Ash on the track and had some good fun in the pines until I got too tired to follow.I think all of the Crusties did the second lap,but I was surprised how few fronted up.
This morning I can feel every muscle and bruise, but worth the trip .
Husq Mike

Was interesting Jason sitting at the campfire bench racing the night before with ya mates and comparing that to the aftermath the next day. The guy that was paying out on KTMs the night before (cost to much money) ended up hitting a tree with his CRF and breaking the front end and hand.
Gareth asked me to pick up the bike ramp after the race, I was that sore that I walked around like the hunchback of Notre Dam to get it. Gareth was groaning every time he had to get up off a chair; after a decent 80kph stack on the WRF sending him off the track Cassas mate on a KTM 200 who in his opinion had the perfect weapon, sprained his wrist trying to get past me.
It was a stark contrast to the night before with guys having a laff, converted to exhausted groaning old men!

Another great Capel 200 event. Caught up with a few of the CQ guys but spent most of my time with some mates riding their first organized event so had to baby sit them a bit.

Conditions were great apart from some persistent drizzle that made seeing through the goggles a bit of a challenge. The tracked were great and ended up doing three loops total. The shorter 25km loop actually was alot of fun. Well done to Jeremy and the Ironstone club!!

A couple decent off's out there. Two of my mate's didn't finish. One (KTM) with a busted hydraulic clutch cylinder and the other with a big off that required the bike to be escorted back and some ambo treatment for a sprained thumb and sore knee. A few dollars to be spent on the CRF too!! Saw a couple boys go backside up on the really slippery sections, and there were a few of those.

Hope you are OK Andy, you still looked a bit dazed back at the cars and glad you got home OK.

See you guys out there again soon.

Back from Capel with a few repairs for the bike and the rider required. Tough 127ks but heaps of fun and good company, thanks guys. Special thanks to the guy that stopped and then shadowed me after a superman over the bars head first into a tree, sorry forgot you name (and some other stuff) but was a mate of WaynoVB.

Got some photos on a crappy camera, will look tomorrow and post any good ones. Now it's time for a nanna nap!
Andy 400

Absolutely brilliant Capel200 best Capel event iv'e done so far. Good to catch up with everyone before the start and spend some trail time with Andy400(the guy that stopped with you was Danny) Tobz, Mick530 and Ash who was still chopping at the end of the 2nd loop.

Great Capel ride today guys awesome trails, good blokes, well Knackered.
Mick 530








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