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The longest ride East
Date 03/Nov/12
10 Riders Andy400, CRFAndrew, Fudge, Gazza, husq mike, MickKal, Pas, Robbo, roostermick, wr steve
Rider of the day Andy400
Stack of the day Not awarded
I can give you a name for the ride.
We have already had a Long ride east.
This could "The longest ride East"

As far a s report goes:
10 of us headed off with promises of no whoops and not much boggy sand.(which is why I was there).Rain seemed as though it was coming ,but not quite yet.Andrew volenteered loudest for sweep and did not have too many objections.What a Dirty jobhe had in front of him.
5k's down the the hog was throwing me over sandy whoops.So much for trust.

We had one dnf early in the piece and then got serious about getting East to the real riding country.
A few left turns instead of right and we hit a landmark which Andy knew.After a few k's of more boggy sand and very close flying w's from me, we hit the bitumen and a much needed fuel break.

The rain started , but unfortunately did not reach the forest.
Had some great two wheel track fun with lots of gravel sliding,and then got into the real single trail tight stuff.Found the traditional hill climb with inevitable carnage on the way up.Andy found some damp ground with a few tricky cossings.That was worth a few good laughs.
To cap it off Andy tries to drown his DRZ.Again.All captured on video.
Someone realised that time was flying and we still had 60k's to get back to OVT.A night ride in the sand was not on, so home we headed.Another fuel stop needed.
A difference in odo readings, but bit but over 230k's.
it was a great ride and I for one had a few extra stiff joints today.
Thanks Andy for making the effort to call a ride and Andrew for eating dust all day.

Timing was out by one day eh. Rain rain and more rain last night.
Still a great day with lots of black faces (except yours).My speedo read 235k's,but go with Paz's as it sounds better.

There was a good mix of trails and we certainly The longest ride Eastatley covered enough distance with not too many transport sections. There was plenty of dust at the start and most of the day but the rain the night before and some during the day helped in some spots.
The hills were as good as usual but dry in most places made it dusty and very skatey. The big hill caught a few out but most gave it ago. That hill is easier when its a little damp.
No real stack of the day all though a few offs here and there, Robbo on the XR did do a nice flip comming out of a mud hole. Nothing serious but good when everyone watching.

Well done Andy was good day out, well organized and led. Good pace all day with no injurys or bike failures, Although gazza bailed early due to a stalling fault and made is own way back to the cars.









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