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60 rides at 60
Date 17/Aug/13
8 Riders Andyktm, Ant, Husky Dan, husq mike, Jacko, Jason, Pounce, Tommy
Rider of the day Pounce
Stack of the day Not awarded
Over 100klm's & not a single whoop encountered.

Pounce, Tommy, husq mike, Jacko, Jason, Husky Dan, Andy ktm, Antt

Pounce called a ride Saturday to meet at the Lakes at 8.00am. A bit to choose from today with a few rides on offer. But really who can pass up a Pounce ride at the Lakes? The man knows his stuff!

7.50am and some very keen riders are already assembled and the call made to depart. 8 players, a great number, just enough to have some fun without being too many.

Head out to the parking spot, booted and suited, pre ride brief and off we go. Straight into some single track awesomeness! What a way to start. Not long before we were all grinning ear to ear and the cold morning a memory with beads of sweat after an early workout. The group seem to move along at a decent pace with no one really holding anyone up or being left behind. No dust, plenty of grip and enough obstacles to keep you on your toes. It doesn't get much better.

Got a little to close to Tommy and got filled in early, I should know better! Pounce lead us onto some nice 'puddles'. A little bit of fun to be had selecting the right line. Tommy proceed to find his second fill in victim of the day (Andy ktm). Both of us will be a little longer washing the bikes today.

Some exploring done to try and link up some of the single tracks and a few new areas found. A nice hill climb was worth it for the view.

We now start to make our way back. A few more awesome (did I already say that?) single trails and some more exploring and we start to get a couple on fuel limits. I won't mention the brand here, rhymes with Husqvarna, so thanks to Jacko and Tommy for additional fuel.

I didn't witness any offs. I had a couple of logs thrown sideways at me that where VERY slippery and one 'oh shit' moment when launch over another log that also came out of nowhere. Happy to say everyone got back with bike and body in one piece.

Back at the cars for a few beers and to talk about what was another classic Pounce Lakes ride. Thanks to Tommy for helping with directions and Jacko for sweep duties. Great day and perfect warm up for Capel after a couple months of the bike.

Pictures to be added by Pounce/ Tommy.

No SOTD witnessed. ROTD Pounce for his tireless efforts leading these rides for us all to enjoy!!
















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