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2014 Adventure Rally
Date 24/May/14
8 Riders Biggles, Gareth, Jason, Nathan, nige, scratch, Spike, Steve
Rider of the day Gareth
Stack of the day Not awarded
A very good ride with lots of accidents but a great 2014 adventure rally.
11 inches of rain meant conditions were perfect 4 frogs and ducks.
It was a very hard course.There was many accidents and a few of our brothers were taken into hospital.The helicopter had to be flown in from Perth and land at the oval after a fella hit a roo and damaged his face.
Gareth was running well and led the event for some time.
Nigel chaperoned his workmate Steve, a big fella on a DRZ 400, around the course.Niges cooking could get him on Celebrity Chef with enough swearing to replace Gordon Ramsay.
His bike looked fantastic with many extras reserved only for factory riders.
Gareth flew the flag for the Crustys completing the course at speed and allegedly without stacks.
Thanks to the T&E club for a great event.I now feel obliged to join that club but recommend Gareth does as he could be quite a competitive vet.

After seeing the forecast through the week, and spending most of Saturday with mates, I deceided to stay home on Saturday night and do the family thing, and more importantly stay dry and in my own bed. I usually camp but decided to do things a bit different and after packing up Saturday arvo got up early and drove down to Mornington on Sunday morning. It is only 90 minutes from my house so was down there at 7.30 to register and put the bike throught scrutineering.

Meet up with CQ Steve who also drove down in the morning. I did see a few other familar faces and also had a couple mates come across from Collie for their first Adventure Rally.

This was easily the most difficult AR so far having done 4 in a row now. Not so much the conditions on the tracks but the constant change in weather meant keeping the google clear, clean and unfogged. Nothing seemed to work. The first BLUE loop I rode with Steve for a bit and wasn't too bad but by the end of the afternnon RED loop which I rode with my other mate as Steve had finisged up, I ended up having the googles off completely. No offs at all which surprised me but certainly one or two "Oh Sh1t" moments!

A great turn out this year with 300+ bikes again just a pity the weather wasn't as good as it had been in previous years.

I hope the guy that got choppered out is OK.

014 Adventure Rally. Jason and Nathan's reports sum it up well. Quite demanding conditions with visibilty issues and some parts total mush to plough through plus lots of water to swim through. Definitely no dust! It was my 7th consecutive adventure rally, my first being 2008 when 40 Crusties participated. Crusty participation has steadily dropped since then, down to just 6 this year.

Adventure rally ride on Sunday certainly not dusty
Nathan NIge and myself travelled down sat arvo persistently raining with a few crashes on the way
The first loop was a bit short knarly but still only about 1 hr
The afternoon loop was great wet muddy
Jason I saw a few people stuck in those deep ruts one might of been you :(

Big thanks to all the organisers for a great tracks and organisation

Had a great weekend with Gareth and Nathan. Heavy rain hit us as we made our way down south. Started the evening with a hearty winter stew for the lads which went down well, a few beers and a bit more tucker!!!!.
Nathan blew off the cob webs with a good lap and Gareth was so far ahead he thought he was lost as no-one passed him!!!
A very Gnarly loop with some demanding riding required.
Plenty of injuries with a Air Ambo brought in,,,
Gareth finished off with another cheeky loop and with a well deserved Rider of the Day.
Great weekend with great men. Thank you.




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