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Another Nannup classic
Date 13/Sep/14
6 Riders cogers, DazzaM, jace, pete450, Twoody, WrfPaul
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day cogers
Nannup Classic Ride report
SOTD Cogers
Myself, Pete 450, Twoody and Cogers (Brad) meet up at Nannup for what turned out to be another great dayís riding. The first hill climb told us that there has been a fair bit of rain and it has caused deep wash outs. As I was the last one up, I got to see who picked the best line but they all zigzagged their way up because of the wash-outs. We all got up thou with no dramas.
Hitting the single trails is always good in Nannup, blasting thru the pines and Blue gums. The storms had brought a few trees down over the tracks which we had to make our way around, nothing too hard thou.
We ended up doing some tracks and trails that we havenít done in ages, which was good and we ended up at Wrights Bridge near Balingup for a rest and something to eat. After a relax it was back on the bikes to do some more tracks that we havenít been on for awhile and head towards Big Bertha. It was on our way there that Brad (Cogers) earned himself stack of the day. While getting over a couple of pine logs, he got out of shape and ended up falling down the side of the track. Brad was OK and no damage to the bike. Woody gave us all a laugh by face planting into the dirt while trying to shift the pine log. After a look at Bertha and seeing how rutted itís getting, we carried on to our last hill climb which caused us all some grief getting up. Woody had the best line and nearly made it to the top before getting stuck. Myself and Pete zigzagged up the hill only to suffer the same as Woody, but eventually we got up to the top. Brad got stuck in a rut early, ghosted his bike and after getting back on, only to get a bit further up to fall back into another rut. By this time the bike was starting to spit out coolant and so was Brad. After getting the bike out of the rut, he grabbed a handful of throttle and a bunch of revs and he managed to find some traction and get to the top. By this time the bike had a lot of steam coming off it and Brad needed a rest.
After a quick break we thought it best to get the air flowing through the bikes to cool them down. We were following Pete when he headed down this trail that had some fallen pine trees across the track. Well a few tuned out to be lots. We were all suffering from trying to get the bikes over the logs. We managed to get to the end with the last few logs really zapping the energy and a rest was needed. Pete was very apologetic but I donít think we will be heading down that track any time soon :).
From then on it was back to the cars for a well earned beer. Hopefully we didnít scare Brad coming out again. While one of the harder Nannup rides, itís always a pleasure to ride with a great bunch of guys and to have fun and a few laughs (thanks Woody). I'll post some pics.
Cheers DazzaM








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