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Sarra's Off
Date 28/Feb/15
6 Riders Bel, BigVanChris, cogers, Colin, Sarra, Steve
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Sarra
What a great combination of riders and bikes today. A couple of 650's, a smoker, the standard 400 and 450's ad a couple of girls. Not 2o kms into the ride, Sara to decided to launch herself over the bars in some horrible sand whoops. After 30 minutes she decided she could ride her bike steadily back to the cars. The group went with her to make sure she arrived safe and sound and load her bike for her. We then did what all good mates do, topped up with fuel and hit the trails again.

A special mention to the boys riding the big 650's. They are planning some big rides and are now more confident about riding in the technical stuff. Well done to Ivan for tackling the biggest hill climb today and conquered it looking like an expert. He picked his line and flew up it. (Too bad about his mate who stopped a couple of times !!!)

At the half way point Col picked up a flat on his rear tyre. Too lazy to fix it and several cable ties later we were on our way home. Steve ended up leading the ride and Col found his way back to the York road and rode back to the lakes on the verge. Thanks to Todd and Alvin for making sure he got there.

This was a new riding area to a few and they had a ball. Smiles all round. Nice to meet the new guys and girls. I have now heard back from Sara who has returned from hospital with a fractured rib. Speedy recover Sara.













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