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The RTRA took my baby away!
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One lonely Yamaha...
Date 11/Apr/15
12 Riders Andy ktm, Bunga, FueltankerAllen, Hooters, JNR, Mitch, Pounce, Rothy, ToddHusqy, Tommy, WR Ross, WRRob
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
... 2 Bergs & 9 KTM's and a secret appearance by a mystery rider too.
Whatís the hardest thing about a Crusty Ride?
Is it getting everything ready and heading out before the sun is up?
Is it meeting up with a group of filthy Crustys?
Maybe dodging the waves of water sprayed intentionally in your direction by every rider ahead of you.
Watching Rob and some unknown rider do things that shouldnít be done on a dirt bike.
Maybe itís trying to keep 220kg of bike and rider upright in slippery black mud.
Could it be blindly following Pounce and Tommy into unknown territory?
Maybe itís Pounce leading the gullible followers up an unrideable, rutted hill.
It could be trying to hold onto the bars long enough to deserve a beer at the end.
Or waiting for the steak burger that never comes.
But I think itís understanding that you wouldnít be anywhere else, doing anything else!
Or is it trying to avoid writing the ride report?
Iíll just keep riding until I work it out.
Sick hey!



















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