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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Adventure Rally
Date 17/May/15
12 Riders BMWbeej, CRFAndrew, DirtRocket, DRZMarcel, Dynamax, Gareth, Inver, loba, RobboTE300, scratch, Spike, WrfPaul
Rider of the day Not awarded
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2015 Adventure Rally.
Inver, Gareth, wrfPaul RobboTE300, CRFAndrew, Spike, Scratch, DrzMarcel, Dirtrocket, DynaMax. Loba,

Four of us meet at Settlers Road house Saturday arvo at 2. A quick bite to eat and a hello and off for a drive past the wockie pub and up Mornington rd to the Adventure rally.
Setting up camp and its drizzling a little but there’s slight glimpses of blue in the sky, That evening ended up being nice clear skys and lots of beers and laughs around the fire.
Gareth gives us all a tyre changing lesson when he fits a tyre for Dynamax. That man could fit tyres for Australia!

The rain starts up at about midnight and pretty much doesn’t let up for the rest of the day. We all suit up and jump on our bikes to head for the riders briefing and it pours down! Soaked! Before we even start.
Riders briefing goes,
“look at the person next to you, statistically 4 or 5 of you will have broken bones by the end of the day, Hope it’s the prick next to you and not you!”
“ The first hill will sort you lot out, if you make it up that, you should be right for the rest of the ride”
Inver wins a KTM umbrella in the raffle and Robbo wins a KTM wall clock. Someone calls out
“I bet that clock costs $2000!” someone else calls out “And doesn’t work for very long”
lots of laughs.

The rally starts and away we go, come around a corner and there’s that hill….shit there’s already bikes stopped on it and blokes stopped at the bottom making up their minds, off I go around the dudes at the bottom and up. Past a couple of stalled bikes, hop over the rut and past another then just before the top, headed bush to get around another rider and I was at the top…I could not believe it, I was stoked.
That pretty much set the tone of the rest of the ride for me, I got up everything first go, got through every bog first time and had a really good run of it. A bit of luck also helped me, especially crossing those deep creek crossings, got through them all without having to put a foot down. Some other blokes weren’t so lucky.
Had to stop a heap of times to try and clear the goggles, I really picked the wrong day to have tinted lenses in. Visibility was poor and the wet bushes on the tight single trails made sure that I was completely soaked.
The 2 long transit roads did a good job of really chilling me to the bone.
The last 20ks or so of the blue loop, we had red arrows as well, so as the second loop was 30ks long, I wasn’t keen to redo those huge whooped sections a second time. I decided to give it a miss and was happy to have a leisurely pack up, content with the great ride I had just finished.
I had a brilliant weekend, Looking forward to hearing how everyone else went. Already had a report of someone braking a leg!
Sorry if I missed some one off the riders list. Put your hand up and I will add.

WRF Paul

Adventure ride....

Gareth thank you so much for the quick tire change, you are a champ, I owe you a few more beers.
Thanks Inver for letting us your compressor and a few tools, you saved the misses from having to blow it up for me. ;0

That tyre added so much traction, the difference was like night and day, between the ride on Saturday/Sunday, the bike just ate up hills, even as I plodded slowly up them.

Thanks for the advice and assistance Crusty Quinns you are a top bunch of blokes.

Ohhh I've also got to thank the KTM Adventure Rally supporters and sponsors, I won a nice new MXRetread front tyre, I'll have to test it out one day. I can see Gareth running the other way, (I don't think I'll test his skills again like that unless it's a dire emergency), I'm happy enough to do it myself, it would just take a little longer (an hour or two and a whole lot of swearing and lot more beer ;)

Whoops, sloppy mud, and puddles and some beautiful country to ride in, and in the end... me looking like a drowned mud pig by lunch time sums up the ride in a few words FMPOV, it was fun.

Good to see 'loba' down there too, great to catch up and say hi.





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