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Tommys Dry July cold camp out ride
Date 11/Jul/15
11 Riders Harve, Hooters, HuskyChris, Jacko, Pounce, Rothy, ToddHusqy, Tommy, WR Ross, WRRob, X
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Tommy
Riders Report, (Tommys Dry July cold camp out ride ), players Tommy, Pounce, Jacko, Ross, Todd, Darin, OrangeBobby, HuskyChris, Hooters,Harv, Rothy. Tommy, Pounce & Ross went and cut some new tracks a couple of weeks ago for this ride , Tommy's annual campout, we all meet at the rockinne at 8am well most of us, three guys who aren't working where 3 mins late, Gezz didn't know it was that cold that early in the morn, not use to getting up that early .... Drive to the camp spot , no dust on the dirt road in exallent contains suit and boot up quick riders brief, Jacko puts his hand up to sweep, Tommy points Hooters witch way to go, all take off, Tommys gets 300 metres from the cars, no go, seat tank off quick fix a lead had come loose 10 mins later we are off , regroup, Tommy shows the way through the new cut stuff, excellent tight bush tracks following the river bank nice loamy sand , all racing each other , with Rob and Hooters going past me faster than a fart in a fan factory !, Plenty of open fast car tracks and single goat tracks, great mix of all , one big hill climb that everyone struggles up, but all make it, 115 kms later fuel up, then nip into the lunch stop with a nice Scottish view, a couple of lemon squashes and a steak sanger 2pm ish hit the tracks again just after 3pm, don't know what happen, everyone must of got a second wind, it was a very fast ride heading back, everyone trying to wet ea other with the big puddles on the tracks, plenty of overtaking, some more new fast double tracks, the shadows and dust was starting to slow me up a bit, come around a bent and two bikes down and one rider down, Todd was going throw a big puddle or as Todd says a lake OrangeBobby nails him with a mountain of cold water but can't pull up in time and takes Tommy out, after the puddle is that wet slimy clay that you can't pull up on, Tommys down a bit stunned a cut hand, and OrangeBobby is very sorry and embarrassed and very very apologetic, accidents happen .. They breed them tough in Ireland, Tommy got rear ended in his car Friday arvo and was already a bit sore , get back to camp 4,30ish, 150ks apox later all stuffed, and a bit sore, quick beer, Jacko out with the chain sore, all getting wood, for the bomb fire, great nights riding story's and bull dust story's, Jacko got the great tunes happening, fires roaring, hit the hay midnightish waking up to everything having ice on it, And Harv telling me it was to cold to get up for a piss, so he just roll over and pissed out of his swag into his tarp. No one look to good in the morn , Thanks to Tommy for leading Tommy Pounce Ross for cutting new trails for the ride and Jacko for sweeping and the great tunes, Tommy gets my Vote for ROTD, Great bunch of guys with plenty of laughs
Cheers Rothy

































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