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Stack of the day comp!!
Date 25/Jul/15
10 Riders FueltankerAllen, Hooters, Jacko, MickKal, Mitch, Pounce, Rothy, ToddHusqy, Tommy, WRRob
Rider of the day ToddHusqy
Stack of the day Rothy
" Stack of the day comp!!" Rothy, Todd, Orange Bobbby, Hooters, Jacko, Pounce, Tommy, Mickal, Mitch, Wr Ross (hehe), Fuel Tanker Allan.

I laid a bait early in the week for a local ride, other than "Capel" for us time poor poverty stricken unemployable bums. After a bit of "to and fro" between the players t'was decided to ride sawyers valley. Pounce stepped up to the plate and called a ride, sat sawyers valley. Wicked!! Suited me perfectly, cheap, close and home early enough to stay married! After a failed front tyre auction- rumours of said tyre's retrieval from the mini skip are unconfirmed.... we headed off Pounce leading, Jacko sweeping and Orange Bobby taking care of the carnage mid pack. Great trails usual mix with a bit of chat between Tommy and Pounce to link some trails up. I think we got lost for a bit as we hit a couple of whoops, and everyone knows Pounce wouldn't have done that on purpose.I reckon Tommy must have stitched him up, nice!! Shortly after the "stack of the day" comp was started, Pounce streaked into an early lead with a girlie little lay down, with myself having a wee rest half way up a rocky hill straight after, and Orange Bobby grabbing the lead crashing into me ,while I was still resting on the ground and trapping himself between the 2 bikes- very nice. But out of the pack came the run away winner and crowd favourite Rothy! Right in front of the boys too!! The dreaded slippery log demon, well and truly got Rothy, front wheel went south and down he went, hard! We pulled up straight away and all we could hear was "ole mate" moaning in pain- not good. Mickal and I went thru a quick injury assessment before moving Rothy to try and make him a bit more comfortable, but he was in a lot of pain, everything pointing towards back ribs or a shoulder blade. With everyone pitching in we walked Rothy up the track a short distance to the road ( short for us but a long long way for Rothy!) Here with our help he mounted his bike and slowly rode out to the hwy which was a few km's away, again it would have felt like the Dakar to Rothy, but he dug deep and made it. Todd shot off ahead back to sawyers to get the ute ready, but It would have been a bad idea for Rothy to ride there so Orange Bobby shot off after him to arrange bringing the ute back to where we were waiting. They were back in 30 minutes with the ute, we loaded up the wounded and off went the two amigos to A & E. Great to see everyone all pitching in and sorting shit out together as it could have been any one of us, that's why its great riding with a switched on bunch of blokes- that and the laughs! So, back on the bikes. Pounce lead us thru another 70km of trails again a fair old mix but with some faster more open sections to get the blood pumping. It was a great day for it nice and damp but no rain- awesome! No major issues for the rest of the day and we arrived back at sawyers having done just over 100km in total, very nice cheers Pounce. We all trouped into the sawyers pub for a beer and a debrief, and in comes Ross, a touch late looking pretty flash with a very nice bike that is not too dirt friendly! Cheers all for the laughs, Hooters. Turns out Rothy has 3 broken ribs, a painful injury and I'm sure the short ride to the road would not have been very nice. Enjoy the drugs and get well soon mate.
















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