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Kale and Wheatgrass blended drinks?
Date 15/Aug/15
8 Riders DazzaM, Hooters, husq mike, Jacko, KatoTodd, Spike, Tommy, WRRob
Rider of the day Not awarded
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NO HELICOPTERS TODAY RIDE", Hooters, Orange Bobbie, Orange Mikey, Tommy, Dazza, Spike, Marty, Jacko, and Todd.

Well Todd called a ride for Waroona, suited me fine as I was gagging for a blast as due to my NZ trip I'd missed 2 weekends ( and a f**k load of carnage ) Todd had us all meet up at 8:03 at the only shop in Waroona that wasn't open...? We had time for a chat and there was a fair bit of unease due to all the crashes and injuries and no one wanted to be next. We drove to the park spot booted up and headed off, Todd leading and Spikes BF Marty sweeping. Around the dam and cool single track with a bit of dirt road to cool the bikes down. The weather was great warm but not too hot- lucky as I smashed thru a 12ft deep bog hole and had wet panties 10 minutes in, and was fully finished off later by Marty ( bloody kiwi's) The ground was great the pea gravel starting to dry out but most of the rest was perfect. A few crashes I spotted Dazz, looking a bit dazed (Hehe!) Orange Bobbie copped a branch on the snout, and a few other offs. Apparently I took Spike out, but that's payback for her Boyfriend filling me in! Rob was having a crap day and decided to take over from Orange Mikey before we had to call the chopper, very smart move. Everybody has a off day, you know the ones where everything feels wrong and you're stressing bout crashing big. The trick is to recognize it and back off and cruise - much more fun than the green whistle and a chopper ride! This new bloke Orange Mikey, faark! he looks like Husky Mike rides like he's 40yrs old an throws an exc 300 round like a BMX. The new bloke is a bit of a leary prick too, banging bars shoulders elbows- even roosted Husky Mikes daughter! I'm thinking there are some fun times ahead and rider of the year is already won ( age handicapped!!!!!!) The hilarity continued till fuel started to be an issue and we decided to head back, with Todd doing his best to lose us all, but we were too good! I lead for a 5km section along a dirt road till I realized I'd overtaken Todd, that cut out a bit of single track and sped up the ride home! A couple of missed corners on the way home and a couple of lucky boys, but we made it back to the cars 115km done, a blood nose, lost camera a few more scratches BUT NO BLOODY HELICOPTER, whoop whoop we broke the "crusty curse of 2015" couple of pack up beers then went our separate ways Tommy Rob Todd and myself off to the pub to watch the mighty All Blacks ( and the wallabies were there too!)
Cheers Todd for calling and leading Robbie Mike and Marty for sweeping. All Blacks won Eagles won no injuries - awesome weekend, Thanks everyone for the laughs, Hooters













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