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Andys ride or Husq Mikes ride?
Date 05/Sep/15
4 Riders Andyktm, Ant, husq mike, Spike
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Husq Mike, Andy KTM, Marty, Angel, Spike, and Antt.
Andy called a ride and so did Mike, bit a confusion but turns out it was the same ride. Ha. Few text messages and we ended meeting down south and drove off to a primo parking spot.
5 KTM's and an overweight Husky. Turns out Spike is sick so she guarded the cars and we set off. Only Mike was game enough to do the Ring of Terror then we went to Bob's hill. Few laps around there and no one was keen to try Bob's.
Lots a single track with the perfect amount of rain to make it fun.
Hit a few hill climbs and there was only a couple a minor drops here and there. I thought Angel dropped his bike half way up one hill but he tells us he stopped to pick his camel back sucky thing up out of a rut...

We ended up down a old track that was washed out at the bottom. Bit a team work and we pushed the bikes over a log to get us to the other side.

We got to a long mossy downhill and the Husky sweep hit it way to fast. On the deck not once but twice. Lucky the others didn't see it.

Lots more tracks and the we hit a soft loamy gulley. Down we went and I don't think any one went up the same way on the other side. It was everyman for himself.
After that we made our way back via many more single tracks.
Back to the cars and a few brews. Spike was all geared up and did a few laps while we packed up.
Great ride and thanks to Mike, Marty, and Andy for a perfect day.
Spike nominated herself for ROTD....

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