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The RTRA took my baby away!
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2016 Adventure Rally
Date 22/May/16
7 Riders Biggles, BMWbeej, CRFAndrew, JB, JNR, Martyn, X
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Hope everyone enjoyed the Adventure Rally as much as I did! Some pretty impressive trails
although it sure did get wet on that second loop :) Well done T&E

Another well organised Adventure Rally. Two great loops, the rain came and went, we all had fun n we've been there with total fire bans and dusty before which wasn't any fun so a great weekend n thanks to all the support staff n the T n E club.

T&E done it again great stuff & conditions were perfect, missed out on camping cause me boy raced at chidlow & they got smacked by weather but he kept riding thru it while I got soaked on flagging duties, had a good ride with CRFandrew for a bit until we lost him somewhere along the way & BMWbeej we were having a coldie at the cars when that rain hit, u need to beat the rain hahaha :)), we saw the rescue helicopter, anyone know wot happened?, hope I'm down for 2017.

Despite the rain I think that the trails held up very well at the AR. We had a broken wrist/arm on loop one and the chopper was brought in for a suspected C3 neck injury, not sure who the rider was.

Apart from that there were a few mechanical breakdowns and the odd puncture, but no one went missing and overall it was a great weekend.

Was undecided if I should camp or drive down early for the Adventure Rally, eventually opted to take the wife's SUV and sleep in the back. Had a good evening around the camp fire with "Team Beta" Very lucky with the weather, clear sky's in the evening. I did a few walk-abouts in the evening looking for CQers but couldn't find anyone, caught up with Andrew and JNR at riders meeting.
Only did the one loop and decided to head home early to miss the rain that was looking imminent. Stopped at Wokalup pub for a quick feed on the way back, amazing Steak roll.
Driving through Yarloop it really hit home seeing the burnt down houses and car wrecks on the main road - sad situation.

Well done T&E club awesome trails as always, freezing night but a hot shower after a cold wet ride is always good.
Headed down Saturday arvo thinking id miss the bad weather but was blowing a gail and rain most of the way. Rode some of the kids loops with a mate and his son that were down for the day.
Met up with Martyn and camped the night in the back of the car, $10 lasagne for dinner, cant beat that.
In the morning had the usual pre ride meet at the start area with the crusties that drove down early. With 250 odd riders at the start I thought best to head off early in the pack as it usually gets pretty chopped up with all the rain. Probably left in the first 50 or so. Rode with JNR and his mates for the 15km but couldn't really keep up so let them go. Caught up with Darin on the trails for a while.
Got back nice and early had a quick bite to eat and with no bike repairs needed was back at the start gate waiting for the loop to open at 12.
Back at 130 with no problems. All round great day, very knacked today


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