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Fair Weather Faeries
Date 09/Jul/16
5 Riders MickKal, Pounce, Slates, TigeR, X
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Pounce scares off the riders (and the rain)
Pounce painted a gloomy picture, with most thinking "bugger that"
Typically Pounce had done his homework and stated at the meeting point "we won't get wet today"

He was right, perfect conditions, the sun shining with wet tracks full of puddles.
Some even complaining it was too hot with the wet weather gear on.
Lots of great single track, with some sections covered in water and other sections very greasy.
+/- 80 kms a quick beer at the cars with a fast get away to miss the heavens opening.
Great day out on the bike, thanks Pounce for leading and TigeR for sweeping

Thanks for the ride today guys, and a great mix of quality tracks from Pounce again. I didn't see any rain or hail and in fact at one point during the ride I started to get a bit hot but then Darin was kind enough to overtake me thru a puddle and cool me off.

I'm now one of the elite.
Thanks for yesterdays ride.

Sunshine & not a drop of rain on the whole ride, you missed a ball tearer.
Lots of water out there too.
Thanks to the 4 hard core riders that showed up.
Top morning.


I decided it was time to come out of a self-imposed retirement from the Crustys. I read Pounce’s ride call for “fair weather faeries” and thought that’s me and announced I was in. Maybe I should have read the rest of the post. “Bring a rain coat & be prepared for hail. You will get wet”. The radar and the squally storm overnight didn’t help matters – I may have piked but for the fear of been skewered by the wit of Pounce the following day.

The day dawned, the skies were clear & Pounce declared “we won’t get wet today”. Some later research found that Pounce is crustyspeak for Moses, as he parted the storms so that The Elite Faeries could ride in the sunshine of the promised lands.

Darin was there whom I hadn’t ridden with since 2010, in which space of time he’s had about 17 bikes most of which have been stolen. His new Beta is a thing of beauty. Italians are fashionistas in everything. Good to see a familiar face.

Fear no. 2, would I still be as slow as normal? I struggled in the first 15kms – and couldn’t stay with the group and having some hairy moments; and that was just driving on the gravel to the parking spot!

All were soon ready to hit the trails – except me – yep still the slowest at getting ready.

Before we headed off Pounce gave me a reassuring “Maybe” – when I asked him to take it easy on me today.

And off we went Pounce leading, me as the sweep. MickKal on his mountain goat KTM Freeride and Slates on nicely maintained KTM 400, Darin on the Beta.

The next few hours in the sunshine on a great selection of trails with a bit of everything. Lots of water, mud, sand, water. Slippy as. Happy as.

Back to the cars, loaded up, a quick beer (thanks MickKal) – and the rain started.

Top morning indeed, thanks Moses and your flock for a memorable ride.

I drove home a happy faerie.



















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