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Capel 2016
Date 23/Jul/16
12 Riders BMWbeej, Colin, CRFAndrew, DazzaM, Gareth, Inver, Jason, Martyn, peter, Roley, Steve, WrfPaul
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Great to see all the CQ'er around the camp fire at the Capel 200 with the usual banter flowing. We had an enjoyable meal at the Capel Tavern. Some serious generous meals there with everyone struggle to get through. We had great weather with not much to talk about overnight making for a good nights sleep. We got a shower during the rider brief and a couple during the first loop but after that, magic conditions.

The mud, no where near as bad as 2014. That year I gave up at the 2/3 check point and took the road back. There were 3-4 areas this year where you had to go adventure riding. I helped two guys out but was lucky enough not to get stuck. The one near the finish on lap one was a beauty just when you thought you were home. It was re-signed and made the finish much easy the 2nd time round. They used some track not seen for a while and the sections through the pines where great. Actually there was little to complain about.

Thanks to Ironstone and thanks to all the CQ'ers who made it a great event.


Good turn out of crustys

We all decided to go back to Capel tavern for dinner and a few pints (think someone got a pic)
Cheers to inver for the lift
Can't name everyone

Back to camp for a few beers around the fire
A few retired early

DazzaM,Martyn,inver and my self left in the first group all riding 300 2 smokers
but Martyn and me somehow ended got lost and we later learned that inver had broken down

I had 2 offs on the first loop so thanks to Martyn for looking out for me

So second loop DazzaM, Martyn and myself stuck together for a good muddy wet fun loop

Big thanks to the organisers
All home safe

Mega knackered now
I've put a couple of pics up in gallery

Friday prep for Capel and the apprentice helped me load up and didn't complain about a lunch time knock off.
Arrive at invers meet up and we were at the lights together. Then we say hi! Both with adventure rally tees.
Brother from a diffent mother.
Head down south, shit ! I've forgotten my sleeping bag, quick stop and I'm all good..
Camp fire, Capel pub for dinner, back to the camp........I Carnt remember much past that, except it was fkn cold.

Giddy up for the ride, perfect conditions,
It was rocky as and slippery. Muddy bog holes etc. But I just went with the flow.
went past col bogged to the axels with a crew helping.

Stopped for a breather and inver turned up and said hi.

Carried on and had an off half way through the third stage. Stuffed up my right leg again.. and I was a mess,
two sweeps helped me out and said we should get you out of here.
I'm , fuck that I'm finishing this!

Sweep says nothing's worth a knee.

Dam!. He was right...I'm.a mess again. My worst nightmare had come true.

So I followed them out , with a knee heading towards swells ville. and back to the camp. I owe those two heaps for their help , kind words and support. I shake their hands and say thanks again.

I would like to find out who they are.

Bumped into Pete and Lee, all the crusty guys offered to help me load up.
You guys rock, thanks again.
Wrf Paul

Put a few pics up from the Capel Rally. Camped out the back with a campfire and the company of a few Crustys and some new Perth Adventure Riders we have met up along the way. Had a top feed at the Capel Tav Friday night and the food & coffee vans were spot on!

One of the toughest Capels I have ridden given the wet tracks and bog holes! Speaking of bog holes while Peter, Steve and I generally found the "alternative route" Colin for some reason chose the deepest bog hole, as evidenced by a few pics! Getting the Tractor out was energy sapping! There is even a pic of one Tractor (Steve) towing another tractor (Colin) to get him started! Thank you Sweeps who were always there!

Completely knackered today but will do it again!

A few snippets from Capel 200 2016:



















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