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Dazed n Confused
Date 10/Sep/16
3 Riders Ashman, JB, JNR
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Sawyers Valley Ride : Dazed n Confused

Riders : JNR, ASHMAN & JB

Well we were already & geared up by 8.40 so we set of towards the powerlines for a good warm up & the pace was fast with all 3 riders loving it with heaps of water round with perfect conditions & to our surprise no other bikes insight & no dust.

We then changed into some tight single tracks that had that nice green stuff that will catch you out in a blink of an eye sitting on top, we all had a fair old pace on & I jumped over this decent hump on the track with to my surprise had a nice size puddle on the other side & my bike swallowed a fair bit of water & just stopped about 30meters away from the jump & Ashman pulls up along side me & said shit that was close, we then look around as it was quite & see JB lying on the ground & not moving, Ashman says we have a man down, we walked up & see JB move & we thought that was close but as JB got up he looked like a penguin wobbling from side to side so we said you don't look that good you better sit down for awhile, so after a little rest & some panadol he was good to go, so of we head with a slightly slower pace but soon we were to have another man down.... ME I hit the ground hard & snapped my clutch line & had no clutch, JB said we close to the cars & I looked at him & said who needs a clutch & took off.

I decided to try my luck with a few hill climbs with no clutch & to my surprised didn't do not bad with very little help from the lads who were at the top thinking nah he wont make it & all I could smell was JB`s clutch plates burning like mad but he got there in the end, well done & to Ashman on his hill climb where we sat & watch & cost me a beer.

So we start making our way back to the pub as we were getting thirsty & there was a skimpy on there, onced we packed up & went inside all the taps were in pieces & nice warm beer on the floor & he looks at me & says what can I get you, after about 4-5 requests of beer he couldn't give me we managed to get a few beers to throw down the hatch to satisfy our needs before we departed ways.

All up about 100kms with a bit of everything including some bush tracking to link up some tracks with me collecting a blackboy with my boot, it does pay to have good boots that's for sure but it is turning a slight purple colour now.

Hope to see you out there again soon before things dry up.

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