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Competa ride
Date 13/Oct/16
2 Riders husq mike, Spike
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Competa ride day 1.players:husq mike spike marty john joe and shane (ireland).graham lead.All started as a typical hot spanish day.very dusty.the irish guys had their very first ever dirt bike ride the day before.say no more.the first two hrs we nearly fell asleep riding.he then let us 3 go on a bit of "technical" a change of pace but not hard except rear brake faded after 30 sec.i did not mention that the bikes were all very tired bunnies.broke one ktm linkages so graham limped home.then spain had first rain 8 months. The irish packed it .graham wanted bail but we haf mot come all the way from oz to not ride cos it was wet.the fun srted then as he let ride ahead.ended up with river crossings and now good geasy corners. Had a ball after what could have been boring.ground all damp for today's ride.

Competa ride day rain and beautiful riding conditions we bike swapped.spike on exc300 marty xr250 hm on ktm530.we had a change of format as the irish boys were holding is up.we three would head off for a k or so then wait.we finally got the the big hill challenge.marty and i looked it and drove straight up.was reasonably steepbut no real good aussie this time the irish boys were getting thought he could follow marty and hm down a hill.big fail.2nd clutch lever gone and helmet fell off cos he did not do it up.very lucky to lunch in village. There goes third clutch lever.tried to overtake his mate turning into restaurant.big off to please the crowd.dogs narking kids crying.lucky rear wheel brg shot so back to fix that point the irish lads called it a day and graham left us to it to get some gopro footage. Conclusion: a very very easy trail ride.we had fun helped by the irish guys continually hanging shit on each other.marty and i had some very good fun on the tight corners.glad we did it but not a patch on the cypress in pamplona to watcj last 2 days of isde.might be in for wokky ride.

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