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Wokalup Camp - Mikes 100th
Date 22/Oct/16
15 Riders 2slow, Ashman, CRFAndrew, DazzaM, Hooters, husq mike, Inver, Jacko, Juso, Martyn, Pounce, Slates, Tommy, Twoody, WRRob
Rider of the day Not awarded
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There was a rumour weeks ago that Daz might be calling a Woky camp ride.
We all rocked up ready for a great day & we weren't disappointed. The morning run is to be an easy one. Dazza leads off with Justin sweeping & we're straight into the single trail. The dust is there from the start but it doesn't seem to be slowing anyone down with everyone fighting for the coveted Cornerman spot. (I even managed to have it on more than a few occasions, due more to the fact Daz puts down a lot of them rather than my riding ability to be up front)
It is mentioned that at one spot we will need to be lifting bikes over a tree & yep, bottom of a steepish single track gully, there's a tree. Yeah, I got the front over this one without having to step off the bike, unlike a few others *cough*amateurs*cough*
I won't mention the easy log that has steps chainsawed into it that I couldn't get over though.
We ended up at drainpipe hill (?) & most made it up this one with out dramas.
Hell, I can't remember the sequence of where we were, it's all blurred into on great ride.
One smartarse getting over the log pyramid, although the second attempt was aborted when the video camera came out.
The roofrack track was wet, with some swimming, some trying not to swim, others just racing through deep puddles on the back wheel trying to drown their mates, that's what puddles are for!
Roosting guys behind you is what mud is for.
Falling in ruts & holes is what 2 strokes are for.
One comment on one of the guys cartwheeling down a hill, "The best low speed crash ever seen"
All up it was a fantastic day, with so much happening between 16 odd blokes, there's lots of little things that make you laugh & smile.
Back at camp by 3 I think & the beer was most welcome, Personally I was shagged.
Same old bullshit fireside chats solving all the worlds problems, telling stories that get bigger & better as the night wears on, Flame Trees may blind a weary driver moments,
Thanks Daz, Justin & Mike for he lead & Justin & Terry for the follow & every other mad bastard in between.


















































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