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The RTRA took my baby away!
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First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (20/Dec/08)
85 Rides Last seen out more than 3 years ago (24/Nov/18)
0 Awards None
655 Posts Last piped up more than 3 years ago (07/Jan/19 7:21 am)
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24/Nov/18Christmas drinks at the Vic   
20/Oct/18No Warm Up   
11/Aug/18Bucket and spade not included   
21/Jul/18Storm Dodgers   
07/Jul/18The Bell Moto 3 Retro Ride   
16/Jun/18skinny bike adventure ride   
26/May/18Mad Snails Tea Party   
05/May/18Lunchbox Rally Ride   
21/Apr/18The Hooter-Less Ride   
14/Apr/18A dusty day in April   
01/Apr/18April Fools - The Fork You Ride   
10/Feb/18Colins Cully run   
22/Dec/17Christmas drinks 2017   
18/Nov/17Short Arse Storm Troopers   
07/Oct/17Could it be any slipperier   
30/Sep/17Dry Banister ride   
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks   
09/Sep/17Pre drinks ride   
22/Jul/17Lotsa pines. Lotsa grip. No dust!    
01/Jul/17Darin and the fence sitting fockers   
10/Jun/17Summer Ride in Winter !   
27/May/17JNR Simos suspension clinic   
06/May/17T&E Brookton Sprint Report   
24/Apr/17Mickkals Explore   
18/Mar/17OVT Stackarama   
04/Mar/17Bremer Bay to Cape Riche   
06/Jan/17A geisha, a sumo and an Italian go bush   
17/Dec/16Christmas get together 2016   
16/Dec/16A kind of ride   
15/Oct/16The best made plans   
17/Sep/16No Rain Campout 2016   
27/Aug/16Not the september sleepout   
20/Aug/16Chainsaw's & Jarrah   
09/Jul/16Fair Weather Faeries   
22/May/162016 Adventure Rally   
15/May/16Andrews call   
11/Jul/15Tommys Dry July cold camp out ride   
24/May/15Call of the Hooter   
05/Oct/14Kevin Bloody Wilson   
26/Jul/14Ross's 100th made us moist   
07/Jun/14Report - Collin with 2 Ls   
01/Jun/14Seven then Five   
17/May/14Capel capers   
23/Mar/14Jacko Tonne or Darin is back   
07/Dec/13Christmas 2013   
09/Oct/117, then 12, then 8   
17/Jul/11Bills Record Breaker   
02/Jul/11Return of Iron Maiden   
07/May/11The no TZ Bremer Bay & Ravines tour    
23/Apr/11Darins Easter bash   
13/Nov/10What could possbily go wrong.   
10/Oct/10The 2010 RTRA West Coast Safari Summer and Winter tour   
11/Sep/10Someone give me a name for this tour   
04/Sep/10Darins call.   
07/Aug/10Crusty Carnage   
31/Jul/1010th Anniversary Dinner   
17/Jul/10Mervs Call   
04/Jul/102010 Capel 200.   
05/Jun/102010 West Coast Safari   
29/May/10Rallye Alternatif Daventure. Suivez le Soleil   
27/Mar/1021 today...   
21/Mar/10Jackos Dusty Dash   
06/Mar/10If the gates unlocked   
13/Feb/10Darins dustbusters   
23/Nov/09RTRA West Coast Trailbike Safaris Tour   
15/Nov/09CQ Chrissie 2009   
17/Oct/09Micks Desert Crossing   
19/Sep/09Bumble in the Jungle   
10/Aug/09Bremer Bay   
18/Jul/095 Hour Reliabilty Trial   
05/Jul/09Yamaha Capel 200   
06/Jun/09Chokos Westcoast Trailbike Safari CQ Tour 2009   
17/May/09Adventure Rally   
03/Apr/09Chokos call.   
07/Mar/09Lano - Cervantes   
21/Feb/09Hot as Frick Roo Ride   
15/Feb/09Dust? What dust!   
07/Feb/09Micks Lost in the Sand Tour   
24/Jan/09Andreas Australia Day Weekend Ride   
17/Jan/09Wedge and Return   
20/Dec/08Christmas Dash   
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